June 2004

Man jailed for sex attacks on girls

A PAEDOPHILE who gave vodka and cannabis to a 12-year-old girl before sexually abusing her almost 20 years ago was today starting a three-and-a-half-year prison sentence.

Alan Luxton, 40, of Windsor Road, Wellingborough, carried out two sex attacks eight years apart on two girls, aged 12 and 13 at the time, after getting them drunk.

Judge Thomas Corrie jailed him yesterday and ordered he be put on the Sex Offenders’ Register for the rest of his life.

Judge Corrie said: “What you did on two separate occasions was to breach the trust reposed in you for two vulnerable girls and on each occasion you made alcohol available.

“You seem to have thought that the girls were sexually stimulated and that is something that you should have never encouraged or brought about.

“These were distressing offences and as you must now realise, they have left their mark on both of these now adult women. They are bound to have left permanent marks on them.”

One of the girls, who Luxton admitted indecently assaulting in 1984, had drunk so much alcohol that she was sick and passed out but awoke later to find she was being sexually abused.

His second victim, whose identity is also protected by law, was also given vodka to drink and cannabis to smoke on Christmas Eve 1993 before being assaulted.

The victims only recently came forward to report the crimes.

Steven Evans, defending, said: “He fully accepts his behaviour on these two occasions and would never seek to defend them or blame them away.

“I ask your honour to give him full credit for what were courageous guilty pleas which prevented the two complainants from the trauma of a trial and, in particular, from cross-examination.”