March 2015

Paedophile (48) jailed for eight years after he had sex with 13-year-old

A paedophile has been sentenced to eight years in custody when he groomed a 13-year-old girl and had sex with her after he was released from prison for similar offences.

David Eaton, 48, had been before the courts before for sexually assaulting a child, voyeurism and sexual assault of a female but had been released on licence.

He reoffended after he gave the impression to those who helped him he was remorseful and a reformed character.

“Unfortunately, that was for show,” said Judge Andrew Hamilton.

“The Parole Board fell for it. You were released. You were in a hostel.”

A man at the hostel had been having sex with the 13-year-old before Eaton who got hold of her number.

He was arrested after the 13-year-old girl’s mum found text messages between him and her daughter.

The mum called his number and put the phone down when she heard an older man’s voice, then contacted police and handed them the mobile, Nottingham Crown Court heard on March 20.

Tina Dempster, prosecuting, said the messages were “highly sexualised in nature”.

The girl, who cannot be identified, decided to talk to police after she saw a television programme, which dealt with similar matters and she felt it had an impact on her.

Eaton, whose address is now listed as HMP Nottingham, admitted meeting a child after sexual grooming and four offences of sexual activity with a child.

Judge Hamilton gave him the sentence of eight years, added a two-year extended licence when he is released, and ordered he sign the sex offenders’ register.

“You are clearly a paedophile,” he told Eaton.

“You are somebody who is attracted to young girls and when the opportunity arises nothing seems to stop you from having sex with them.

“You represent a considerable danger and risk to prepubescent children.”

And he said Eaton was clearly a skillful and manipulative man after he was granted release from prison on licence.

“You manipulated all those who gave you help and assistance,” said Judge Hamilton.

“You gave the impression you were a reformed character and indicated you had remorse for your [previous] victim.”

July 2007

Fiend kept child sex diary

A VILE Mansfield sexual predator who kept a chilling journal of fantasies about sex with children has been jailed indefinitely.

David Eaton (40), of Edingley Avenue, was branded a dangerous predator of young children by Judge Dudley Bennett –– who sentenced him on Friday.

Nottingham Crown Court was told Eaton had kept a lengthy and graphic journal describing children having sex with him and other young children and adults.

He will now serve a minimum of 18 months for his vile offences –– which included attempting to sexually assault a 12-year-old girl and using the camera on his mobile phone to take secret pictures of a young girl asleep in bed.

Eaton also admitted stealing women’s and children’s underwear and groping a woman on two occasions by grabbing her breasts over her clothing.

The judge told him: “You have an unhealthy interest in children, a fetish for ladies and young girls’ underwear and are willing to act out your fantasies whenever you have the opportunity.

“Your journal is chilling, a catalogue of filth that is quite disgusting.”

Eaton admitted the attempted sexual assault of a 12-year-old girl, two offences of voyeurism towards another young girl, and two further counts of sexual assault.

This included one occasion in 2005 when he had groped a woman’s breasts in a car in which his own wife was a passenger, but was distracted at the time.

Prosecutor James Hett revealed that when officers arrested him they discovered a lengthy journal as well as stolen bras, knickers and a thong.

“It is quite graphic and describes young children having sexual activity together and the defendant engaging in sex with young children and adults,” Said Mr Hett.

Said Eaton’s barrister Laura Dawes in mitigation: “It’s clear from psychiatric and probation reports he is disgusted with himself.

“He has now lost his good character.”

Before the facts were outlined to Nottingham Crown Court, the judge was told Eaton had been assaulted within the court building.

The judge warned he would not tolerate such behaviour –– although he understood the strength of feeling involved.

Yesterday detectives investigating the case welcomed the sentence handed out to Eaton.

Said a spokesman: “Eaton’s actions have caused distress and unnecessary anguish to those involved. We hope that this sentence will provide some comfort to his victims and allow them to move on with their lives.”

Eaton was banned from working with children for life and will be placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register indefinitely.

He will have to serve at least 18 months before he can be considered for parole.