March 2015

Paedophile jailed for 17 years for sexual offences


Brett Jenkins, 31, from Taylors Close, was convicted at Chichester Crown Court on February 5 and sentenced on March 18.

He was found guilty of two counts of sexual assault of a child under 13, two counts of inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity and two counts of assaulting a child under 13 by penetration. He was found not guilty of one count of sexual assault of a child under 13.

He was given five years for sexual assault, eight years for inciting a child in sexual activity and 17 years for assaulting a child by penetration. These will run concurrently.

The offences occurred in Chichester between September 27, 2012 and March 15, 2013.

Detective constable Tim Hughes said: “Jenkins will serve 17 years for the crimes he has committed against the two victims, who bravely spoke out about what happened to them. We would encourage anyone who has suffered this kind of abuse to speak to us.”