March 2015

Pervert jailed for sexually assaulting boy in Folkestone


The terrified victim of a sex pervert hid in a cupboard in a derelict school in Folkestone fearing he would die.

The young teen had gone to Westbrook House in Shorncliffe Road to recover a jacket and a hammer.

But he came across vile Matthew Beevor who then subjected the petrified youngster to an hour-long sex ordeal.

Now the 40-year-old has been given a 15-year sentence after admitting sex assaults, assaults and an affray.

Beevor was accused of sexually assaulting a boy aged 13, inciting a boy aged 13 to engage in sexual activity, false imprisonment, assaulting a 13-year-old boy, assaulting a 15-year-old boy, burglary and theft at a flat in Hythe and theft from the BP garage in Townwall Street, Dover.

The incident led to a 10-hour stand-off between police and the sick pervert who climbed onto a roof to avoid being arrested.

Judge Heather Norton jailed him for 12 years and ordered he serve an extra three years on licence when he is eventually released.


She told him: “I can only imagine what this child must have felt locking himself in a cupboard in an abandoned school believing you were going to kill him.”

Prosecutor Christopher May told Canterbury Crown Court how Beevor, of South View, Hersden, had carried out attacks on two victims.

He said that a teenager was on a bus travelling between Hythe and Folkestone in May last year.

Beevor got on the same bus and started changing seats to be closer to the concerned youngster.

“Beevor was acting strangely, leaning over towards him. When the bus approached Brimstone Avenue, both went to get off.

“It was then that Beevor grabbed hold of the victim’s collar and the youngster tried to push him off. The driver then told Beevor to get off and the youngster went home and reported the incident to his mother,” he added.

Two weeks later the pervert carried out his attack at Westbrook House when he spotted the youngster and prevented him leaving.

“Beevor took hold of him and pushed him to the floor. He took the hammer from the child and put it next to his head. He told him to shut up or he would cave his skull in. The victim was very scared,” added the prosecutor.

After the sex attack, the youngster ran away and reported the incident and when police arrived, Beavor climbed on to the roof.

“As police were trying to reach him, Beevor was swearing at them. He pulled off a chimney top and threw it at one of the officers, who had climbed onto a neighbouring roof,” said Mr May.


Officers then tried to talk Beevor down who responded by screaming obscenities and throwing a lump of concrete at them.

The court heard how the stand-off ended when the pervert stopped making threats to kill officers and came down.

September 2004

Four-year sentence for ‘menace’ burglar


A PROFESSIONAL burglar described as “a menace and a danger to the inhabitants of Kent” has been jailed for four years.

Judge Adele Williams told Matthew Beevor: “The inhabitants of Kent are in danger from you and I have to protect them.”

Beevor, who was said to have an appalling record for burglary, told his barrister he was unable to cope on the ‘outside’.

Beevor, 29, of South View, Hersden, near Canterbury, appeared at Canterbury Crown Court, where he admitted handling jewellery belonging to elderly Rose Cook, as well as a burglary at Galpins House, King’s School, when he stole a £2,000 laptop belonging to a pupil.

Darren Weir, prosecuting, said the jewellery was stolen from the Rose Cook’s home in Hythe and later recovered from a Canterbury pawnbrokers where Beevor had sold it.

At the school, the security bars on a window had been forced up and the computer snatched while the 15-year-old owner was out of the room. DNA from a bloodstain at the scene led police to Beevor.

Katie Fox, defending, said that following Beevor’s arrest he had made efforts to trace the computer but had not been able to do so.

Beevor had suffered a number of personal problems and mental health issues and said he was now institutionalised and unable to cope with life outside of prison.

Summing up, Judge Williams said that only Beevor could break the cycle of offending and he had to find the resolve.

She added: “You are a menace and a danger to the inhabitants of Kent. You are a professional burglar and this is the only way you know how to live at the moment.”