March 2015

Pervert admits making indecent images of kids & animals

A ‘NOCTURNAL loner’ downloaded child abuse images and movies of women having sex with animals while his parents slept.

And when the police raided the family home they found indecent images of girls as young as six on Nicholas Liddell’s computer, a judge at Warwick Crown Court has heard.

Liddell, 47, of Combroke, near Kineton, at the time, had pleaded guilty to a total of 14 charges of making indecent images of children and possessing extreme pornography.

He was given a community sentence with supervision for three years and ordered to take part in a sex offender programme and to register as a sex offender for five years.

Prosecutor Tim Harrington said: “The pleas reflect the discovery of images on two computer items, a tower and a hard drive, following the execution of a search warrant.”

He explained that the warrant had been issued after it became apparent that Liddell’s internet address had been used to access indecent images of children.

Following the seizure of his computer tower and the hard drive, they were examined and found to contain images of extreme pornography as well as indecent images of children.

An analysis showed 21 movies classed as being in category A.

The youngest child in the movies was believed to be aged just six, although the majority were girls aged between 13 and 15.

When Liddell was first interviewed, he said the internet had been set up by his father, who has since died.

Mr Harrington added: “He did not seek to blame anyone else, but he said he had not deliberately downloaded any child pornography and was not aware of any images being on his system.

“Interviewed again in September, he was more frank and admitted he had knowingly downloaded indecent images of children using a file-sharing system out of ‘morbid curiosity.’”

Paul O’Keefe, defending, said Liddell had shown remorse and has been taking steps to address his offending.

“He was living with his mother and father, and step-brother in Combroke, which is a remote area.

“He was something of a loner, and nocturnal. He would get up at 4am to 4.30am and then, from seven in the evening to ten in the morning, he would drink and use the computer as company.

“Initially playing games, and then searching the internet – and one thing led to another and he was trawling for the type of material which has brought him before the court.”

Mr O’Keefe said it had begun when Liddell was drinking heavily, and he turned to drink even more following the deaths of his mother in July 2013 and his father four months later.

As a result he twice ended up in hospital, and following his arrest he went on a drinking binge which led to him being hospitalised, again suffering from peritonitis.

Mr O’Keefe added that Liddell, who ‘realises the part he has played in the whole child pornography process,’ has now moved to an address in Daventry and is drink-free.

Judge Peter Carr told Liddell: “The police executed a warrant at your home and found computer equipment which had on it a total of about 550 still and moving images.

“Whilst it may seem a large number, it is unhappily not as large a number as these courts often see in this type of case.

“It is an aggravating feature that some of the images were moving and depicted a large number of children – not as young as some this court sees, but nevertheless young enough.

“But if I were to impose a custodial sentence it would be of eight months, which would cost the public a lot of money and, more importantly, you would be coming out of prison without the real problem having been addressed.”