April 2015

Sex beast had ‘no remorse’ after sickening abuse of girl – Jailed 23 years


A man who sexually abused a young girl has been given a 23 year extended jail sentence by a judge who said he “lacked empathy” for his victim.

Gary Little threatened the girl and also plied her with drugs and alcohol.

A judge at Preston Crown court sentenced him to 18 years jail, with five years extended licence to follow.

Little, 48, of Sandicroft Road, North Shore, was convicted by a jury of seven charges of rape, one of attempted rape, plus 10 of indecent assault.

He had denied all of the offences.

Anthony Longworth, prosecuting, said Little had told the girl to keep quiet and not tell anyone.

He had also given her cans of strong lager to drink and the cannabis and amphetamine.

Mr Longworth told the court: “The effects upon her were considerable.”

He said she had suffered nightmares for years because of the abuse.

She had found the court case particularly stressful and difficult. But the guilty verdicts had enabled her to feel she could carry on with her life, he told the court.

Little had 69 previous offences to his name, including one for indecent assault with had been carried out upon an adult woman.

Julie Taylor, defending, said Little did not accept the 
jury’s verdicts.

“The defendant maintains the stance he took at the trial and remains in denial of having committed these offences.”

She added he had no real relevant previous convictions and now faced the prospect of being a very much older man when eventually released from prison.

Miss Taylor added “The defendant is now in a very fragile mental state. He faces a very lengthy custodial sentence with trepidation”.

Judge Pamela Badley told Little in passing sentence: “No remorse has been shown.

“It is quite clear you are claiming all of these allegations are as a result of a desire for malice.

“I find you to be a dangerous offender. There were significant levels of coercion and threat to gain compliance.

“You are entirely lacking in victim empathy. She has suffered greatly and continues to suffer from the psychological damage.”