January 1997

Shamed teacher sent sex notes to boy pupil, 11

A teacher sent a string of steamy sex notes to a boy of 11 in her class.

Angela Quinn, 26, was caught just two weeks before her wedding.

She brazenly passed the messages to the youngster in front of other pupils and teachers.

One of the notes said: “Do you still want it on Thursday? It will be sexy. I can’t wait. I want to do it for hours.”

And yesterday, Quinn wept as she was jailed for six months at Warrington Crown Court.

Judge Elgan Edwards branded the notes “disgusting and evil” and said she had shamed an honourable profession.

The court heard a message was found in the boy’s trouser pocket, in his pencil case and another in the primary school classroom.

Robert Jones, prosecuting, said Quinn had been in charge of a class of nearly 30 pupils at the school for two years.

The boy claimed 11 notes were written, but Quinn said it was only three or four.

No attempt had been made to conceal the messages which indicated they were “boyfriend and girlfriend” and had meetings in the town.

The court heard there were graphic references to sexual acts – although nothing underhand had been done – and it was clear Quinn was “egging on” the boy.

But it was also clear the boy was confused about how he should respond.

The increasing frequency of the messages alerted another teacher to what was going on.

And after a note was uncovered the head teacher called in police.

Quinn, of Widnes, Cheshire, admitted inciting the boy to commit an act of gross indecency.

Quinn’s husband Martin angrily screamed: “Justice?” and sobbed as his wife was led away.

The boy’s father said he was “delighted” with the prison sentence.