May 2015

Teacher banned for child abuse images possession

A teacher who filled his girlfriend’s laptop with indecent images of children after telling her he was going to fix the computer has been banned from Britain’s classrooms for life.

Gary Duggan, 53, borrowed his ex-partner’s laptop in summer 2012 because of a broken keypad, and offered to pass it on to a third party for repair.

Technology teacher Duggan returned the computer weeks later, but to his partner’s horror the browsing history was full of images of child sexual abuse.

She checked the dates on which the images were downloaded and discovered they must have been accessed by Duggan, the National College for Teaching and Leadership heard.

While searching Duggan’s home police later found two laptops which contained nine movies, including one of children in swimwear, and pornographic images of children and bestiality.

Duggan worked as a technology teacher at Kenton School, Newcastle upon Tyne, since 2010 but resigned after a disciplinary hearing.

He had been suspended in 2012 when the school first became aware of his arrest for possessing indecent images of children, although the police took no further action

Subsequent forensic examination of that netbook by Witness A revealed a number of images including:  

  1. 4 level 1 images (Images depicting erotic posing with no sexual activity)

  2. 63 nudism photos (Witness A indicated that nudism type photos are photos of children in an obvious setting of a nudism camp, with nude adults also present)

  3. 9 teen website banners

  4. 403 indicative “teen” images

  5. Words typed into the search engine such as “teen art”, “teen nudism”, “find teen bodies” and “panties”