May 2015

Two Swansea men jailed for nine years each for sexually abusing children

TWO men have each been jailed for nine years after sexually abusing two children.

Swansea Crown Court was told the victims had been so traumatised by the actions of Kevin Vanlint, of Heol Hermas, and Andrew Barnett, of Penderry Road, that even after they had been arrested they feared their abusers would escape from jail and dress-up as the judge when the case came to court, and continue their torment.

Barnett, aged 30, pleaded guilty to nine charges of assaulting a child under the age of 13, while Vanlint, aged 35, pleaded guilty to five such charges, and a further two of inciting someone to do so.

Prosecuting, Catherine Richards told the court that Vanlint would give chocolate to his victims ‘as a reward’.

The abuse was finally discovered after one of the victims was taken to see a GP, who asked if anyone had been touching them.

Catherine Richards added: “The two children are coming to terms with the trauma they have suffered.

“They imagine them dressing up as a judge in court. They remain fearful they will escape from prison.”

John Hipkin, mitigating for Barnett, said: “He has pleaded guilty and avoided his victims from having to give evidence.

“He deserves and expects a lengthy custodial sentence and in custody will undergo the programme of treatment that will be available to him in that setting.”

Ian Wright, for Vanlint, added: “The only real mitigation is his guilty plea, and obviating the need for victims to give evidence or attend court. He is a man with considerable limitations emotionally and in terms of his functioning.”

Judge Keith Thomas told the pair they would both also be put on the sexual offenders register indefinitely, and added: “Both of you were complicit in the others’ activities.” He added that both children were “clearly traumatised”.