October 2014

Conviction upheld for child abuse images ex-judge

Michael Shrimpton - Wendover

A former judge claims secret service agents planted child abuse images on his computer memory stick in a plot to discredit him.

Michael Shrimpton, an outspoken critic of foreign affairs who advised Chilean dictator General Pinochet, said officers switched the memory stick, which also contained a book he was writing on German intelligence practices

An appeal against his conviction heard his home in Jusons Glebe, Wendover was searched in April 2012 after he contacted the Ministry of Defence to warn them about an attempt he had uncovered to detonate a dirty nuclear bomb at the Olympics.

However, police instead arrested Mr Shrimpton and found a number of memory sticks which were bagged and labelled by officers.

Only one, which was found in a green glasses case next to Mr Shrimpton’s bed, was found to have contained deleted files, 40 of which were found by police specialists to be indecent images of young boys.

Mr Shrimpton, a barrister and former immigration judge who once advised Pinochet during his fight against extradition from Britain in the nineties, was sentenced to a three year supervision order, a five year Sexual Offences Prevention Order and was told to sign the Sex Offenders Register for possessing indecent images.

Representing himself, the 57 year old told the hearing at Aylesbury Crown Court sitting at Amersham that he believes intelligence services engaged a tactical interception system called G12, to monitor the search on his home and tamper with the items recovered.

He also claimed that he can prove his credentials as an intelligence specialist using a certificate gained when he was flown out to the USS Enterprise Navy aircraft carrier in 2006, and said that address books at his home contained direct numbers for world intelligence agencies.

Prosecuting, Richard Barton told Judge Karen Holt that he did not dispute that Mr Shrimpton had been aboard the USS Enterprise, but did not accept that it was as an intelligence specialist.

He also accepted that Mr Shrimpton’s own laptop computer was not the one used to download the indecent images onto the memory stick.

In court Mr Shrimpton said that he believed police did not have authority to take the laptop or memory stick, because his home is also used as his chambers for law work and could have contained legally sensitive information.

Speaking to the Bucks Herald outside court Mr Shrimpton said that he was ‘not worried’ about the case, and dismissed it as an effort to discredit him for being outspoken about key political issues as an intelligence specialist.

He said: “With every respect to the CPS and TVP this prosecution, based on an allegation of possession of a memory stick which has neither my fingerprints nor DNA on it, is a farce.

“TVP also admit my fingerprints are not on the laptop they have, which, absurdly, they claim is the one they unlawfully seized from my new home in April 2012.

“I wrote my new book Spyhunter on the original laptop. Spyhunter is a 330,000 word intelligence text, the writing of which involved at least a million keystrokes, i.e. the prosecution are alleging that a laptop which I touched at least a million times is mine even though there is not single fingerprint of mine on it, nor any of my DNA.”

The former chairman of Watermead Parish Council has been outspoken on issues including the search for Madeleine McCann, the 911 attacks, the war in Iraq, and international government involvement in the sinking of the Titanic.

Most recently he spoke out claiming that Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 was shot down by a Chinese missile.