May 2015

Man assaults police officer after discovery of 53k indecent images of children

A MAN who had 53,000 indecent images on his computer assaulted a police officer after being arrested and taken to Swansea central police station.

Officers arrested Spiros Marjoukos, of Francis Street, in October last year, after he had been identified by the children’s exploitation and online protection centre as having used peer-to-peer file sharing. The intelligence lead to a search warrant being executed at his Brynmill home.

Prosecuting, Craig Jones told Swansea Crown Court that an examination of his hard-drives revealed he had 53,000 images, largely in Category C, although a handful were in classes A and B, and that his internet searches revealed he had looked for items with names such as ‘Lolita’ and ‘colour climax’.

After being taken to the police station, he said the 42-year-old: “Threw a punch and hit an officer, and then grabbed a cabinet containing a fire extinguisher and tried to throw it at the officer. He then began bouncing on his toes and clenching his fists” before “he was subdued by a number of techniques employed by officers”.

Mitigating, Vince Williams said Marjoukos had pleaded guilty to 14 offences of making indecent photos, and one of possession, and assault of an officer and making threatening behaviour, at the first opportunity.

He said Marjoukos had arrived in the UK in 1993, from his native Greece, and had earned an English literature and masters degrees.

He added the former BT worker had experienced redundancy, and ‘that may be when he had turned his attentions to pornography’.

“He has expressed remorse, and I get the impression that the remorse is genuine”, said Mr Williams.

Sentencing, Judge Paul Thomas said: “The picture here as far as the courts are concerned is a depressingly familiar scenario.

“I say to you what I say to every defendant. These are not victimless crimes. These are girls being abused and filmed to provide people like you with some form of perverted gratification. However you try to dress it up, you downloaded these because you get a sexual thrill from them. Until you come to terms with that you can’t make any progress.

“This is an extremely high number of images. But on the other hand, they are in the vast majority of the very lowest category. Very few are in particular children, but in the main teenagers.

“You did not make your position any easier by your clownish behaviour in the police station.

“The highest I can sentence you to prison is for a period of weeks, and you would come out with no help. The alternative put forward by the probation report is measured and considered.”

Marjoukos was given a three-year community order, with 200 hours unpaid work and told he would have to sign the sex offenders’ register for five years. He was also told he was banned from keeping a computer, unless it retained the capacity to retain and display his search history, and that it must not be deleted. His hard drives were also ordered to be destroyed.