May 2015

Pensioner jailed for abusing boy after police find victim’s naked picture in bedside cabinet


A paedophile pensioner was snared by police for abusing a boy in the 1970s after cops found the victim’s naked photo in a bedside cabinet.

Colin Wood has been jailed for 22 years after escaping justice for decades.

The former bus driver denied any form of sexual misconduct but was found guilty after his victim told a jury how the abuse had blighted his childhood and cast a shadow over his life

Wood, 64, of Somerset Road, Barry, was living in North Devon and working as a handy man and a bus driver when he carried out the most serious sexual assaults on the boy

Exeter Crown Court heard Wood had been grooming the victim for sex for several years, during which he abused the child on a regular basis and ensured his silence by threats of violence.

He also took naked Polaroid pictures of the boy, one of which was found in his bedside cabinet many years later.

Police were unable to find or recover the photograph but the witness confirmed it showed the boy in a sexual pose, lying naked on a bed.

Wood was found guilty after a week long trial in which the jury heard from the victim how the abuse had affected his adult life.

He said he had been too frightened to tell anyone about it at the time but started to reveal his ordeal later on.

The victim told the jury the abuse was “repulsive” and made him feel frightened, worthless and ashamed.

Virginia Cornwall, prosecuting, told the jury: “The photograph has not been found but the complainant remembers Wood taking it. We say he kept it for his own sexual purposes and it demonstrates a sexual interest in the child.

“The fact that the complainant has also told a number of people about the abuse shows his inner turmoil.”

Wood told the court he had never had any sexual contact with the victim. He said the allegations were all invented and were nonsense.

Wood was found guilty of eight offences of indecency and two offences of serious sexual assault and was jailed for 22 years by judge Francis Gilbert QC.

The judge told Wood he was sentencing him with reference to current guidelines under which his most serious offences would be classified as rape. He said that his crimes would now be categorised as male rape.

He said Wood had groomed the boy over a number of years and used him for his own perverted sexual gratification.