June 2015

Brave mum confronts Plymouth monster who abused her daughter


A BRAVE mother choked back the tears as she told a court how her daughter had spoken of suicide and self-harmed after being sexually abused.

The woman faced sick Karl Brown, aged 37, to see him jailed for eight years for the perverted acts her performed on the girl.

He repeatedly abused the child, sometimes taking photographs – also showing her home-made adult pornography.

The mother told Plymouth Crown Court: “For seven years I nurtured her and protected her and loved her. In just a few months, Karl Brown destroyed my little girl.”

She said she had noticed scratch marks on her arms which she had admitted making with a pencil at school.

The woman said: “She was not really able to explain why she had done it, except to say ‘it helps me feel like me’.

“A few days later I found a note from her which said: ‘I do not want to be here any more, I want to die’.”

Brown, who sat with his head bowed throughout the woman’s statement, changed his name to James Roberts after his arrest.

Prosecutors said he wanted to keep his real name out of the Press – which he has denied.

Judge Paul Darlow said she had shown some “dignity and courage” in addressing the court.

Jailing him for a total of eight years, he told Brown: “These 13 counts represent your deviant and harmful behaviour towards this girl, some of which was recorded.

“You took advantage of her when she was unable to protect herself.”

Brown, latterly of Seaton Place, Keyham, admitted three counts of sexual assault of the girl between January and September last year.

The court heard two of the offences were specimen counts indicating a larger number of occasions.

He also pleaded guilty to inciting the child to perform an indecent act.

Brown finally confessed to having 22,000 indecent images on his computer.

Jason Beal, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said the girl confided in her grandmother and mother after months of abuse.

The mum, supported by her own mother, told the court from the witness box that her daughter no longer trusted men except her stepfather and grandfather.

She added that she had asked to change her bedroom to avoid Brown finding her in the house and have changed her appearance.

The mother said that he daughter had not been able to receive counselling from the charity the NSPCC until the end of the case.

She added: “She is a lot more emotional than she was. She has had so much to deal with.”

Ali Rafati, for Brown, said he had changed his name to avoid embarrassment to his family.

He added: “He finds his behaviour so repulsive that he struggles to discuss it.”

Mr Rafati said he disputed the high number of indecent images but accepted he had thousands.

The victim’s father shouted as Brown was take away: “Do yourself a favour and go and hang yourself.”