June 2015

Top judges cut sentence of Burnley sex offender

An “immature” Burnley man who had consensual sex with a 13-year-old girl has had his jail term slashed by top judges.

Kyle Bradley James Killian (20), of Arran Street, was caged for three years and four months at Burnley Crown Court on January 13th.

He admitted sexual activity with a child and failing to answer bail.

In January last year, Killian, then 19, took the 13-year-old girl to his home.

They watched television and had consensual sex in his room, Lord Justice McCombe told London’s Criminal Court of Appeal today

When arrested, he said he thought she was 16. However, Facebook messages between the pair revealed she had told him she was 14.

He pleaded guilty at an early stage but didn’t surrender to custody when he was due back in court in November and an arrest warrant was issued.

Killian’s lawyers argued his punishment was far too tough.

The age gap between the two was less significant as he “presents as a extremely young man for his years”, the court was told.

Lord Justice McCombe agreed, saying: “Killian may have been 19, and his victim 13, but the unusual immaturity of Killian renders the age difference less stark.”

The judge, sitting with Justice William Davis and Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC, reduced the sentence to two years detention in a young offenders institution.