June 2015

Domino’s pizza delivery driver must sign Sex Offenders Register


A pizza delivery driver groped a teenager after striking up a conversation in the street.

Dad-of-four Muhammad Sadaqad “hugged” the 16-year-old and touched her breast, Nottingham Magistrates Court heard.

District Judge Tim Devas told the Dominos worker it was a “very, very serious offence – the victim must have been very frightened indeed”.

Sadaqad, of Sandringham Road in Sandiacre, was found guilty at a previous trial of sexual touching on July 20 last year.

On Wednesday, District Judge Devas sentenced him to a 12-month community order with 240 hours unpaid work, and he must pay £625 costs and £700 compensation to the victim, due to the “serious psychological harm it is likely to have caused”.

Sadaqad must also sign the Sex Offenders Register for five years.

Prosecutor Daniel Paulson said the 42-year-old was driving along a street in Long Eaton when he pulled up and asked the girl for her phone number.

They talked, and he continued to ask for her number, but when she refused to give it, he gave her his, said Mr Paulson.

He asked again, and when she said she had no credit on her phone to switch it on and get her number, he said he would give her money and he could take her to get credit, the court was told.

Mr Paulson added: “He got out of the vehicle and grabbed her by her waist and held her for a hug. As he did so, he grabbed her on the left side of her breast. He was squeezing her for five seconds.”

In a victim impact statement, the girl said: “I want justice for what has happened. I want him to understand what he did was wrong. I want him to be punished in some way.

“I’m worried it could happen to someone else.”

District Judge Devas said Sadaqad’s lack of previous convictions discouraged him from imposing a custodial sentence.

Laura Thompson, mitigating for Sadaqad, asked the district judge to consider her client’s children when imposing a sentence.

She said: “He has four children to support, two of which are disabled and obviously finances there are very important for these children.”

In sentencing, District Judge Devas told Sadaqad: “This is a very, very serious offence. The victim must have been very frightened indeed. There was absolutely no reason for you to behave in the way that you did.

“And it perhaps goes without saying that should you do anything like this again in the future you will go to prison, probably for a long time.”

He said the reasons he had avoided handing out a prison sentence included Sadaqad having no previous convictions and guidelines indicating the offence warranted a high-level community order.

He added that he saw “no reason why supervision is going to be of any benefit”.

Sadaqad, who must also pay a £60 victim surcharge, would have been given 160 hours unpaid work had he pleaded guilty.