May 2003

Pervert jailed for possession of child abuse images

A CHILD abuse images pervert jailed for downloading more than 4,000 sick internet images in the UK is moving to Ireland.

Irish-born John Dolan was jailed for six months after pleading guilty to possessing the sordid images.

Dolan’s trial judge Ronald Moss was so shocked he said: “I cannot begin to describe some of the images I have seen.”

United Kingdom police refuse to release a photograph of the pervert, in case he is targeted by vigilantes in Ireland.

Dolan, from Luton, has been placed on the UK Sex Offenders Register, but when he arrives in Ireland he will be able to live anonymously without interference from Gardai.

Dolan was caught by Bedfordshire police after they were contacted by US cops investigating a world-wide internet child porn ring.

The 55-year-old had his house raided by officers on September 5 last.

Analysis of discs and CDs he voluntarily handed over showed a total of 4,134 depraved images.

Dolan pleaded guilty to 24 charges of possessing indecent images.

Since his release from prison last month, Dolan has been subjected to verbal and physical abuse from locals in Luton, and now plans to move to Ireland to start a new life.

But last night, a former neighbour of Dolan’s said Irish children and their parents had the right to know who was living beside them.

She said: “John was a very private and some-what weird man. He didn’t socialise with the rest of the community. When we found out what he’d been arrested for we were shocked.

“The next time I saw him he was playing it down like it was some big mistake.

“His house was vandalised and every-where he went in this part of Luton he was spat upon, verbally abused on the street and, on at least one occasion, physically assaulted.

“Ireland should refuse to have this man walking their streets without any proper supervision.

“Would you trust him?”