July 2015

Pervert caught with 11,000 indecent images of children

Ewan Logan

A former restaurant manager from The Beverley Arms Hotel has been revealed as a paedophile after being discovered with more than 11,000 images of children on his computer.

Ewan Logan, 38, of Robert Wood Avenue, Beverley, appeared at Hull Crown Court for sentence after pleading guilty to five counts of making or possessing indecent images of children.

Police raided his home to reveal a library of 11,020 still images and 46 movies on his computer and various electronic storage devices.

He had 137 pictures and 19 movies in the worst Category A as well as 98 images in the second most serious Category B.

The vast majority of the indecent images fell in Category C.

Dressed in a blue suit jacket with slicked-back blond hair, he also admitted two charges of possession extreme pornography.

He hung his head as explicit details were read in court as examples of his child porn collection which had been built up over three years between 2011-2014.

Crown barrister Claire Holmes said: “As a result of information received, the police seized a computer and digital devices from Logan’s home. In total there were 11,020 still images and 46 movie files.”

A probation report concluded his social isolation, despite being in work, had lead him to an addiction to pornography.

Defence barrister Harold Bloomfield handed in references from Logan’s mother and also a letter from the Beverley Arms Hotel explaining how he told his employers of the charges and admitted he could no longer work for them.

“The disclosures he made to his mother and brother must have been very difficult bearing in mind the lack of close friends who made themselves absent when they gained knowledge of the charges,” said Mr Bloomfield

“He has shown insight and an ideal candidate for rehabilitation. While there are a considerable number of images in Category C, thousands in fact, there are a relatively few images in category A.”

Sentencing, Recorder Tahir Khan, QC, said his first thought was to jail Logan for two years, but he also wanted to rehabilitate him. He said the case was aggravated by the length of time he was viewing the images.

“Any right thinking person will be disgusted even by the mere mention of this material, let alone seeing it. I do not wish to suggest in anyway the courts don’t regard this offending as serious. Of course we regard it as serious. But all the sentencing guidelines say, a sentence is not just about punishment, but about rehabilitation. You have been a hard-working man starting at the Beverley Arms Hotel in 1995 and working your way up to restaurant manager. All that has now gone.”

He gave Logan a 36-week community order, 200 hours un-paid work in the community and 45 sessions on a sex offender’s programme.

Logan was made the subject of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order and must sign on the National Sex Offenders’ Register for five years.