July 2015

Child rapist who kept young girl in boot of car jailed for 16 years


A MONSTER has been jailed for 16 years for a decade of sexual abuse against a girl – which included keeping her prisoner in the boot of his car.

Devious Colin Goss, now aged 77, repeatedly raped and indecently assaulted the child in a depraved and drug-fuelled campaign, Plymouth Crown Court heard.

He at one stage abducted her and kept her inside the boot of a car while he was at work.

His victim, bravely speaking at court 20 years later, said the abuse had affected here so much that she had been handed a “life sentence”.

Goss first indecently touched her when she was four or five.

She gave three recorded interviews over a decade but police and prosecutors never took her case to court until last year.

Judge Paul Darlow, jailing him for a total of 16 years, said: “The charges against you reflect your depraved, violent, drunken or drugged abuse between the ages of five and about 15.”

He said Goss deceived her and sought to control her as a young girl.

Judge Darlow said Goss must have thought he had “immunity” after he was arrested but not charged with the first offences.

Goss, of Stuart Road, Stoke, pleaded guilty to one count of indecency with a child, two counts of indecent assault and three charges of rape between 1985 and 1995.

Jo Martin, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said Goss tricked the girl aged four or five into touching him indecently, claiming he would otherwise fall ill and need to go to hospital.

Goss again preyed on the girl in August 1995.

Miss Martin said: “He was hiding her then, both at his flat and when he went to work in the boot of his car at a garage.”

Miss Martin said it was an example of Goss’s controlling nature that he wanted to keep his victim close to him.

Goss admitted two charges of child abduction. He was previously jailed for fraud.

Nigel Hall, for Goss, said: “He is 77, he has the physical and mental ailments that trouble someone of that age. There is very little I can say in mitigation other than he has pleaded guilty.”


COLIN Goss could have been stopped early in his campaign of sexual abuse if police and prosecutors had acted on his victim’s first complaint.

She gave three separate interviews to police over almost a decade between 1987 and 1996 but he was never taken to court.

She came forward yet again last year to tell her story – and this time Goss was charged and pleaded guilty to the abuse.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said she felt “let down” and did not trust the police after making her complaint last year.

Judge Paul Darlow said it “seemed incredible now” that her previous complaint of rape did not result in a prosecution in the mid-90s

Police and the Crown Prosecution Service have said that procedures in dealing with people making sexual complaints has changed out of all recognition since she first came forward.

The girl made complaints to the police four times over a decade.

Jo Martin, prosecuting barrister, said: “On all of these previous occasions, the police and the Crown Prosecution Service took the view that there was not enough evidence to prosecute.”

Goss simply denied all the offences in the 1980s and answered “no comment” in later interviews.

Miss Martin said that it was national policy in the 1980s not to prosecute alleged sex offenders unless there was independent corroboration of a victim’s complaint.

She said that procedure changed in the 1990s.

But her complaint of sexual assault to Devon and Cornwall police when she was 11 or 12 again did not result in a prosecution.

Goss was then free to abuse the girl once again when she was 14 or 15.

Her complaint in the mid-90s, this time to police in Northamptonshire, again did not reach a courtroom.


THE VICTIM, driven to attempt suicide as a teenager, told a court almost 20 years later that her abuse at the hands of Goss had handed her a “life sentence”.

The woman said: “He has sentenced me to a life sentence. He has had his life, I have lost the biggest part of mine and I will never be free.”

She added that she had been “terrified” up until last year, when Goss was finally arrested.

The woman said: “I feel that I have failed miserably. My marriage has been destroyed.”

The court heard that she had gone “off the rails” in her teens because of the abuse at the hands of Goss.

She had a baby at the age of 16.

The woman said: “You feel that all you are worth is between your legs.”

She told the court that marriage had been wrecked by her problems with intimacy.

Goss incredibly sat in the dock without showing a flicker of emotion.

Earlier, she had told the court how she struggled to cope in her late teens.

She told police in a three-hour interview last year: “I was a real mess. I tried to kill myself many times, to the point where they got fed up with me because I never did it right.

“I was taking speed, acid, whatever I could get hold of. I was completely off the rails. I was mixing with the wrong people. I did not want to be me.”

She was on the Emergency Protection Register. She said that police dealt with her so much that officers used to carry little photographs of her.

She told police: “I was pregnant. I could not tell you who. To me, sex was what all guys wanted. That is what I was trained to believe.”

The woman said at the age of 18, she was found accommodation in a big house.

She added: “I did not know what to do, I could not even wire a plug. I let all the wrong people into the house. They were taking drugs.”

Unable to cope, she fell under the influence of the man again. He kept in touch and provided her money – though he never abused her again.

Judge Paul Darlow said it was a testament that her strength as a woman that she had come forward to police time and again

September 2015

A woman who was repeatedly raped by her father as a young girl, after being drugged and locked in the boot of his car, has waived her right to anonymity to tell her harrowing story.

Plymouth man Colin Goss, 77, of Stuart Road, Stoke was jailed for 18 years in July after Plymouth Crown Court has told of his campaign of abuse against his own daughter.

His daughter has today spoken to the Mail on Sunday about the years of abuse at the hands of her own father, which has left her with recurring nightmares of being abused and locked in the boot of his car.

She was abused from the age of four, including over one five week period when she was abducted and kept in the boot of her father’s car.

At Plymouth Crown Court Goss this year finally admitted seven charges including three of rape, but the court heard that on police had investigated three times over the years but there was no prosecution.

His daughter had been placed into care, but Goss had been allowed access to her and finally adbucted her.

She told the national newspaper: “Not a day goes by when I don’t think about what Dad put me through.

It haunts me. He has ruined my life and my soul. I couldn’t let him get away with what he did to me.”

She said part of her feels guilty for sending her father to prison.

She said: “At the same time I hate him and hope he never comes out of prison alive.”

Goss and his wife split up when his victim was a baby and she lived with her mother.

Her mother had been 18 and car salesman Goss was in his 30s.

But at age four the young girl spent two weeks on holiday with him in Devon.

She told the Mail: “A few nights into the holiday he made me rub cream into his private parts.”

Police were told, arrested and questioned Goss and took no further action.

As she grew up she spent time in and out of care and was sent to live with Goss aged seven or eight.

She told the Mail: “From the first night, he had me naked in his bed.”

She said her father would get drunk and beat her, and he was sent to prison for fraud.

She reported the abuse to a teacher but Goss again escaped prosecution.

He was allowed to keep seeing her while she as in care and when she was 11 her abducted her from the local authority.

He kept her in the boot of his Peugeot 405 while he was at work as a car salesman.

She said: “It was dark, it smelled musty and there was no fresh air. I have a massive fear of small spaces now.”

When she was 12 he started drugging her with ecstasy.

She told The Mail: “I had learnt to cry silently from the age of eight. I never screamed, the tears would just fall.”

She said that Goss then rented a cottage in Saltash and kept her there ‘as his wife’ for a year.

Goss repeatedly raped her until a neighbour recognised her picture from a TV appeal over the abduction.

Goss was arrested but the CPS decided not to prosecute him on sex abuse charges.

Last year she decided trap her father herself, meeting him at his home in Plymouth with a hidden recording device.

Goss confessed and she handed the tape to police.

She said: “I hope my story will help to bring people out.”

Goss, of Stuart Road, Stoke, pleaded guilty to one count of indecency with a child, two counts of indecent assault and three charges of rape between 1985 and 1995.