July 2015

Flasher who exposed himself to schoolgirl spotted after appearing on Jeremy Kyle Show


A SERIAL flasher, who exposed himself to a teenage girl on her way to school, was recognised and caught because he had appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show six months before the crimes.

And today the mum of sex offender Mark Yemm stood by her son, saying: “He’s not a bad lad, he’s my baby”.

Now Yemm, his mum Debbie Smith and his sister are moving out of their Westerdale Way home, in Grimsby, following alleged abuse from neighbours in the wake of his conviction.

This week, Yemm was released from prison – he had been on remand awaiting sentence for the flashing incidents.

He appeared via video link as Sheffield Crown Court, where it was heard how he left a woman in a fish and chip shop “disgusted, mortified and greatly offended” – but her colleague recognised him because he had appeared on the Jeremy Kyle television show.

He also left a 14-year-old girl “very upset” after exposing himself to her while she was walking to school, a court heard.

Yemm, 30, admitted exposure on November 29 and February 5.

David Gordon, prosecuting, told the court that the first offence happened outside a fish and chip shop at about 1pm.

Two women were working at the shop in Wingate Parade on the Willows Estate when, through the window, they spotted Yemm standing across the road from the shop.

While they were serving customers, one of the women said to the other: “Is he doing what I think he is doing?”

Yemm was “staring directly at them” and was committing a sex act. He later ran off.

One of the women recognised the man as Yemm because she had seen him on The Jeremy Kyle Show six months earlier.

The other woman had previously served Yemm at the shop several times and he had been “over-familiar with her”.

She was “disgusted, mortified and greatly offended” by Yemm’s behaviour, especially as it was broad daylight and in plain view of others. She was worried that he might follow her.

Yemm was arrested on December 14 and admitted he had appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show.

The second offence happened just after 8am when a 14-year-old girl was on her way to school.

She saw Yemm walking out of an underpass. She thought something was wrong and feared he might be following her. She photographed him on her mobile phone.

He began walking behind her. He was exposing himself and she ran home and told her mother what had happened.

“She was too upset to go to school that day,” said Mr Gordon.

The girl later went with her mother to town and pointed out Yemm to her. Her mother followed him and called the police.

The teenager had been left “very upset” and the incident would stop her walking to school and going out at the weekend.

Mr Gordon told the court that Yemm had a previous caution in 2009 for outraging public decency, involving a “similar, if not identical, offence”.

Paul O’Shea, mitigating, said Yemm had been in custody for a long time but, when he was released, he needed someone to “keep an eye on him” in the community.

“He needs a lot of assistance,” said Mr O’Shea.

“He has an exceptionally supportive family, his mother especially.”

Yemm was given a three-year supervision order, 40 days’ rehabilitation, with mental health counselling and a Building A Better Life programme.

He was ordered to register as a sex offender for five years and must pay a £60 charge.

Judge Jacqueline Davies told Yemm: “Your best bet is to take the help that’s going to be given to you.”

But yesterday, as he was packing up his belongings at his mum’s, just a few doors away from his own flat, he claimed he was innocent.

“The only reason I admitted it was to get out of prison. I haven’t done the offence,” he claimed.

The 30-year-old said if the case had to go to trial, and he was found guilty, it would have meant six months in prison.

Mum, Debbie claimed: “Mark pleaded guilty to get out of prison. He’s not a bad lad. He’s my baby,” she said.