July 2015

Convicted Paedophile Caught With More Explicit Photos

A convicted paedophile from Leighton Buzzard, released early from jail, has been caught with hundreds of indecent images and sent back to prison.

Kenneth Cooper, of Magnon Court, shared over 500 child abuse pictures and videos with other people, after already being convicted of similar offences.

The 60-year-old’s been put back inside for 3 years, four months and will serve another three years on license.

After hearing that Cooper had also been convicted of having indecent images of children in 2004, Judge David Farrell QC said that he regarded him as posing a significant risk of causing sexual harm to children.

He passed an extended sentence of 7 years. Cooper received a jail sentence of 3 years and 4 months with a further 3 years 8 months when he will be on licence and liable to be recalled to prison.

Prosecutor Daniel Siong said the police raided Cooper’s flat on 12 March this year.

There was a delay before Cooper opened the door. He had hidden a computer, called Ken’s Notebook, in cellophane and towels.

After a search police found the computer. It was analysed and found to contain over 400 Category A images – the most serious level. There were more than 1300 at Level B and more than 13,000 at Level C.

531 of the images had been placed on a file server by Cooper so he could share them with other paedophiles.

Mr Siong said at the time of his arrest, Cooper was coming off the licence from the 3sentence he received in 2012 for abusing the girl.

Cooper of Magnon Court, Leighton Buzzard pleaded guilty to six charges: distributing indecent images, three charges of downloading Category A, B and C images, and two of possessing indecent images.

Andrew Morton, defending, said Cooper was in ‘isolated individual’ who had not engaged with probation officers when he was released on licence from his previous sentence.

Cooper must also register as a Sex Offender and abide by the terms of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order indefinitely.