January 2016

Sex attack sentence slashed

chris demaria

A construction site agent who was jailed for a string of sex attacks on a young girl has had his sentence slashed by senior judges in London.

Christopher Nathan Demaria, 38, of Maes Afallen, Corwen, was jailed for seven and a half years in July last year.

He had been convicted of five indecent assaults and three counts of indecency with a child at Mold Crown Court.

He had subjected the youngster to degrading abuse, causing psychological damage which lasted well into her adulthood.

However, the offences took place when Demaria was himself a child and teenager, Court of Appeal judges heard.

Sir John Griffith Williams said the sentence was too tough and should be cut to five years.

Sentencing last year, Recorder Paul Hopkins QC said many of the young woman’s difficulties in life were down to her abuse at Demaria’s hands.

But reducing his sentence, Sir John, sitting today with Lord Justice Elias and Mr Justice Spencer, said Demaria himself had only been a child. Since then, he had married and had a family.

 July 2015

Construction site agent jailed for historic sex assault when he was a teenager

A CONSTRUCTION site agent has been jailed for seven and a half years today after his perverted past caught up with him.

At an earlier trial, Christopher Demaria, aged 37, was convicted of eight charges of historic sex assault which had a severe psychological effect on his victim.

Mold Crown Court heard how she had tried to kill herself and in a touching victim impact statement told how he had caused more pain that would ever be measured.

Demaria, of Maes Afallen, Corwen, denied eight charges of indecent assault and indecency with a child when he himself was a teenager and the victim was a little girl.

The judge, Mr Recorder Paul Hopkins QC, said he took into account that the defendant as an adult had a positive employment history, had worked hard, and was a family man.

But that was in contrast to his victim who had a chaotic life as a direct result of his behaviour.

There had been grooming and the offences continued when he grew into a young adult, he said.

Demaria was ordered to register with the police as a sex offender for life and a Sexual Harm Prevention Order was made under which he is never to approach the victim ever again.

In a victim impact statement, the complainant said that when the offences happened she was a small, vulnerable girl who was scared and completely under his control.

She did not have the knowledge or the emotional skills to stop what was happening to her, and she felt “lost, alone and helpless.”

The effect of what he had done to her had stayed with her all her life and she suffered depression, anxiety, and self-harmed.

She had no self-worth and felt insecure and she always felt as if she was being suffocated by what had happened to her when she was young.

It had changed her life for good and she said “I have been robbed of so much.”

She added: “I feel like a prisoner inside the walls I have built around me while the man who did this to me has remained free.”

The victim said that she still suffered every single day from “the dark past filled with demons”.

At one stage she had made a serious attempt on her own life and had spent three days in intensive care.

Prosecuting barrister Mark Connor said it was a case which had a severe psychological impact on the victim.

He said the offences occurred when the defendant was aged between 14 and about 18 or 19. The little girl was aged under 11.

The prosecutor said that she did make a complaint in the year 2000 but would not name the offender at that stage.

It was alleged that he had indulged in sexual acts with her but told her not to tell anyone – claimed that it would be her who got into trouble.

The jury heard that in 2005 the girl then a teenager contacted the defendant via Facebook.

She told him that she did not want to ruin his life, but she wanted closure for what went on when she was a child.

The prosecutor said that his response was to apologise to her for anything that happened when she was young.

He said that he did regret everything and that he hoped she could forgive him.

She told him that it had all had a marked effect on her life, but he did not respond any further.

Arrested in February of last year, he completely denied that anything sexual had occurred.

In evidence, the defendant, who said that he was born in Italy but then as a child lived at Ellesmere Port and Llangollen, denied that anything sexual had taken place.

Andrew Green, defending, said that it was appreciated that it was a serious matter and that the defendant faced a significant sentence.

But he stressed that the defendant was himself very young at the time and he had led a blameless and positive life since his teens.