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March 2017: Murphy has been released – Likely location is Anglesey

March 2016: Murphy was released after serving just one year in prison. He breached his conditions and was recalled just days later.

April 2015

A father has been jailed for inflicting injuries that put 3-week-old baby in hospital


A father has been jailed for two years for assaulting his three week old baby boy causing him actual bodily harm

Phillip James Murphy, 22 from Liverpool repeatedly punched the child in the head causing the tiny baby a fractured tibia and a petechial hemorrhage to the face.

Other injuries included a fracture to his leg, bruising and a bleeding nose


The child spent almost a month in hospital as a result of the injuries.

The court was told that Murphy made up an elaborate excuse to the mother as to how the child had suffered the injuries at around 6pm. 

The mother immediately took the child to hospital.

The court heard that the baby had to be resuscitated after he stopped breathing in his mothers arms at A&E

When Murphy finally made it to the hospital at 4am, he told the truth to social workers who had interviewed the mother that he had assaulted the child by throwing the baby onto two separate sofas. He said he then placed the child on his back and punched him several times in the head.

Murphy then went on the run for several days before police finally arrested him.

After the baby had a full body X-ray, a medical consultant stated that the fracture to the baby boys leg was due to a forceful pull or a forceful twist.

Murphy’s earliest release date is March 2016. 

When released Murphy is likely to either go back to Liverpool or move to Wales.