August 2015

Paedophile caught with indecent images of prepubescent children

A sex offender will be kept away from the internet after being caught with sick pictures of children on his mobile.

Police found over 100 images of prepubescent children in a secret folder in Robert Field’s phone.

The folder contained imagines of scantily-clad children aged under 10 in “erotic poses”.

Police unearthed the sickening stash after analysing his phone when they arrested the addict for possessing his drug of choice M-Cat.

He claimed the pictures must have already been on the second hand phone from it’s previous owner.

But his alibi failed to hold up when they analysed his second phone and found even more taboo snaps in the folder – incriminatingly named ‘Rob’s Stuff’.

“The effect that it’s had on his family in regards to the images has been a wake up call to him,” said his solicitor Robert Vining.

With his client appearing in handcuffs for Thursday’s hearing, Mr Vining added: “He’s been on the sex offenders wing (at Hull Prison) and he’s had a very, very hard time.

“It’s finally got through to him that the effects are far reaching, not just of the images, but what the children have gone through to get those images.”

The tall 32-year-old, of Westbourne Grove, remained silent throughout the morning hearing as two females supported him.

The court heard how his life had crumbled apart after turning to M-Cat from amphetamines, with the DWP sanctioning his benefits after believing he simply wasn’t trying anymore to look for work.

His family had stood by him though, managing to get him a part-time job as a pot wash in a bid to try and get him back on his feet.

“While his mother supports him, she’s not very pleased with him to say the least and neither is his sister,” added Mr Vining.

Field, who cut a striking figure in court with his shaven head and sharp blue jumper, appeared in court to face four charges.

They included failing to surrender to police and stealing some curtains from Poundstretcher.

But magistrates said it was the child porn pictures that troubled them the most, and Field was scalded for helping to “feed an industry”.

He will have to sign the sex offenders register for five years, and carry out a three-year community order.

Part of that order includes a programme for internet sex offenders.

He was also given a five year Sexual Offences Prevention Order, which will restrict his use of devices like laptops and smartphones.

And the bench told him: “We think it’s essential to make this order to keep the public safe from sex offenders like you.”