Convicted sex offender failed to tell police when he moved to Ellesmere Port and Chester


A pervert convicted of sexually assaulting four teenage girls has admitted failing to inform the authorities when he moved to new addresses in Chester and Ellesmere Port.

Rasim Akdemir, 44, was placed on the sex offenders register following his conviction in 2015 at Taunton Crown Court, Somerset.

This means he is required to tell the police whenever he moves house.

He was originally registered to an address in Stafford in the West Midlands but recently moved first to his sister’s house in London between March 25 and April 1 this year and then to Cheshire.

Akdemir failed to tell the authorities that he was living at an address in Ellesmere Port between April 1 and April 16 and then at two guest houses in Chester between April 16 and May 3.

Chester Magistrates Court heard on Friday (May 24) that a council housing officer googled his name and alerted police after reading about the defendant’s previous conviction.

Akdemir, whose wife is pregnant, apologised for the oversight saying he had been under a lot of stress.

His case was adjourned for sentencing until June 20 by which time the Probation Service will have compiled a pre-sentence report on him

August 2015

Owner of Efes Restaurant and Meze Bar, Yeovil, owner admits sex assaults on girls

A restaurant owner has been placed on the Sex Offenders Register for five years after pleading guilty to six offences of sexual assault.

Rasim Akdemir committed the offences against four girls aged 15 to 18.

Five other charges were ordered to lie on file.

Taunton Crown Court heard that Akdemir, a father of two children who ran the Efes Restaurant and Meze Bar, in Yeovil initially claimed his victims had initiated sexual contact with him but he later fully admitted his guilt.

One young witness, giving her victim impact statement from behind a screen, said she felt a weight had been lifted off her shoulders when she learned he had pleaded guilty and she would not have to give evidence in court.

William Hunter, prosecuting, said another victim told police that Akdemir “used to touch her up” and she found it upsetting.

Harry Ahuja, defending, said Akdemir, of Little Cross House, Phillip Street, Bristol, had expressed remorse

His wife had been fully informed and was standing by him. He added that Akdemir was the family breadwinner.

Judge David Ticehurst said the restaurateur had originally faced nine counts of alleged sexual assault and pleaded guilty to four charges on the day of his trial on February 16 when he was given an indication of his maximum sentence.

The case was adjourned on that occasion for a pre-sentence report.

Judge Ticehurst said a custodial sentence “would no doubt be justified” but he imposed a three-month community order with a Thames Valley Sex Offenders programme and ordered Akdemir to pay the victims £500 each.

He was put on the Sex Offenders’ Register for five years and the judge warned if he was committed such offences again he would go to prison.