August 2015

Judge tells pervert, the child abuse images he viewed perpetuate sexual abuse

Teenage pervert Thomas Ogilvie, from Takeley, who was caught with child and animal porn images on his computer, has avoided a prison sentence.

Although earlier on Friday Judge Patricia Lynch jailed two other sex offenders for a total of 22 years and warned one he had only been spared a 20-year stretch because he had pleaded guilty, the QC did not put the 19-year-old behind bars on the basis that his curiosity had got the better of him when he had viewed the web sites.

But during the case she bemoaned the fact that in the course of her work as a judge she has to look at such images herself.

She said she “would take to the grave” images of children she had seen in dealing with such cases.

The judge imposed a three-year community order with three years’ probation on Ogilvie, of Parsonage Road, with a condition that he must attend an internet sex offenders’ treatment programme. She also imposed a sexual harm prevention order for five years and ordered him to pay £200 costs.

Ogilvie pleaded guilty to two offences of making, or downloading, indecent images and to one offence of possessing an extreme pornographic image concerning an animal on or before January 8, 2014.

The judge told him as she passed sentence: “People like yourself who look at these websites out of curiosity don’t seem to realise or understand as you are sating your curiosity that what you are looking at are real children, real children being sexually abused.

“If it crosses your mind to look at this material again, imagine it was a child of yours, or a sister or someone who you love.

“People who watch these images perpetuate the sexual abuse and exploitation of young children who should never be sexually abused or exploited and just because you watch it on a screen doesn’t mean it’s not happing.”

Prosecutor Richard Potts said police went to Ogilvie’s home on January 8 last year having received information that an internet connection at that address was used to access indecent images of children.

There were a total of 14 still images at the highest category A and 32 movies; 40 still and 12 movies at B; and 54 still and nine movies at C. There were two extreme movies.