September 2015

Paedophile jailed for 14-years


A child sex offender from West Malling who played strip card games with children has been jailed for 14 years.

Former delivery driver Graham Stewart, 52, formerly of Spitfire Road, West Malling abused two girls by encouraging them to play a card game in the back of his van in which they had to remove an item of clothing if they lost.

On another occasion he offered to pay them to touch him inappropriately.

Stewart had routinely sexually abused one of the girls from the mid-1990s until about 2004.

He was sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court on Monday September 14 having been convicted of seven counts of indecent assault and five of indecency with a child.


Prosecutor Christopher May said Stewart would make the girls remove their lower clothing and get them to sit on his lap in his lorry.

Stewart asked one of the girls if she wanted to drive his lorry, but it was a device to get her to sit on his lap.

“He told her to remove her trousers and underwear,” Mr May he told a jury at Maidstone Crown Court.

Stewart exposed himself and there was contact with the girl but not intercourse. He also got the girls to make a drawing of his private parts.

He touched one of the girls indecently and got her to touch him. He performed a sex act on her.

“He put a video on of him having sex and asked if she liked it,” said Mr May.

He showed the girls pornographic magazines. He also told the victims he would give them money if they touched him. He offered them £2.

“As they were young, they did it,” said Mr May. “They thought they would be able to get some sweets. These girls probably wouldn’t have understood what was going on. They just laughed about it.”

One of the girls eventually told her mother, but it was taken no further.

Simon Taylor, defending, told Judge Martin Joy at the sentencing hearing on Monday: “His level of depravity seems to have come to an end a long time ago.”

The judge said Stewart created a situation where complaints of abuse fell on deaf ears.

“These are sickening offences,” he added. “In every case the victim will be heard in the hope this tide of abuse overtaking us all will one day turn.”