September 2015

Perverted couple face jail after being caught with stomach-churning beastiality porn


Perverted couple face jail after being caught with stomach-churning animal porn including people having sex with SNAKES

Julia Diamond and her husband Richard stockpiled over 300 vile videos of humans having sex with different animals then took NOTES of the graphic scenes in a bid to fulfil their sick desires.

The pair from Crawley, West Sussex admitted to possession of depraved footage which showed sexual intercourse or oral sex between humans and pigs, horses, dogs and snakes.

One charge relates to a video which portrays sexual intercourse between a man and a large horse.

The Diamonds, both 48, stashed the disgusting films on her computer in a folder called “Odd Videos”.

But they insist had no actual interest in romping with animals.

And they claim their notebook was simply a “drunken fantasy”.

“The notes found with the computer were also pretty graphic,” Oliver Dunkin, prosecuting, told Hove Trial Centre.

“One of them reflected a particular aspect of a dog’s anatomy, which one would only know if they watched this sort of material.”

Judge Guy Anthony asked whether the videos featured women that had consented to sex with the animals, to which Mr Dunkin replied “one woman having sex with a dog didn’t look too happy about it”.

The pair pleaded guilty to four sex offences and will be sentenced next month.