October 2015

Pervert who lured schoolgirl into sex has prison sentence quadrupled after he admits grooming

Reid Barnes

A male model who was jailed for sex with a schoolgirl has had his prison sentence increased after he admitted to grooming his victim online.

Reid Barnes was jailed for a year after he lured his 14-year-old victim into a game of “hide and seek” and had sex with her.

They met on Facebook, where Barnes has 11,000 followers, and Barnes began to groom the young girl online before meeting in person.

Barnes was jailed for a year last month for sexual activity with a child but the victim’s family complained that the sentence was too lenient and had failed to take into account the fact he had groomed her.

Now the 23-year-old pervert has been re-sentenced to four years in jail after a judge looked at the case again, ChronicleLive reports.

Recorder Eric Elliott QC, at Newcastle Crown Court, said: “The case came before me on September 18 and during mitigation on your behalf I was persuaded this case did not merit a sentence on the basis of grooming.

“Subsequently it was brought to my attention that it had been the intention of the prosecution to open the case on the basis there had been an element of grooming.

“Following further discussions between you and your counsel, the prosecution case in relation to the sentencing basis has been accepted on your behalf.

“This is a case, because of the background and contact you had with the complainant before meeting her, that amounts to a feature which can be described as a significant degree of planning.

“You now accept there was a background of flattery and manipulation. Contrary to what I was led to believe previously, there was direct contact between you before the meeting in this city.”Guilty: He was jailed for sexual activity with the minor

Recorder Elliott said the grooming moved the case into a more serious category in sentencing guidelines which judges must follow.

As well as the four year prison sentence, Barnes has to sign the sex offender register indefinitely and was made subject to a sexual harm prevention order aimed at keeping him away from children.

The court heard Barnes sent the schoolgirl complimentary and flattering messages on Facebook and encouraged her to contact him.

Prosecutor Simon Reevell said: “It was apparent she was a schoolgirl on Facebook, there were pictures of her in uniform and references to attending school.

“She began to be concerned the person she was contacting was older and decided it was not appropriate to continue.

“He suggested they meet at a hotel, she declined.”

The court heard Barnes sent out a general message to his Facebook followers saying he was coming to Newcastle for a job last summer.

He also sent the victim a message suggesting they meet, the court heard.

The girl ended up meeting up with Barnes and two other people and they went to the Castle Keep.

Mr Reevell said: “He initiated a game of hide and seek that really was to separate (the girl) from the other two so they could be alone, the Crown say.

“The prosecution say she was simply a young girl who didn’t know how to respond to his advances.”

Referring to a victim impact statement made by the girl, Mr Reevell added: “She has struggled to come to terms with what happened and has had counselling.

“She is frightened of going out and about and feels stressed at school.”

Barnes persuaded the girl to keep quiet afterwards and continued to contact her.

The offence came to light because he was under investigation for similar offences by police forces elsewhere in the country at the time.

They did not result in any prosecution but police found communications on his phone between him and the girl at his home at Royal Oak Court, Upper Moreheay, Ripley, in Derbyshire.

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said she was glad justice had finally been done.

Speaking after the case she said: “I spoke the truth from day one and I’m happy the judge has listened to me and believed me.

“I’m relieved it’s finally now all over and I can move on.”

The victim’s mother added: “We were just so relieved he eventually held his hands up and admitted to the grooming as well so my daughter didn’t have to stand-up and give evidence in court.

“This proves he was completely to blame as he groomed her and she wasn’t – she’s a child.

“We feel a little bit more like justice has been served now and we’re relieved we don’t have to go through another trial, which would have taken months.

“It’s now over and we can start to rebuild our lives and move on. We can try and put it behind us.

“I hope now, after all this, he’ll never be able to do anything similar to another girl.”

Barnes has no previous convictions but has a caution from 2011 for inciting a child to take part in pornography.

September 2015

Pervert jailed for sexual activity with 14-year-old schoolgirl

A male model used children’s game hide-and-seek to lure a schoolgirl into having sex at an historic North landmark.

Pervert Reid Barnes, who had 11,000 followers Facebook, met the 14-year-old on the social networking site and started chatting to her.

And when the 23-year-old travelled to Newcastle for work on a clothing assignment, he met-up with girl and took her to the city’s Castle Keep, near the Tyne Bridge.

Barnes, who was with two friends, then decided to play hide-and-seek to get the victim on her own before having sex with her in a secluded spot close to the historic landmark.

Afterwards, he persuaded the frightened teen to keep quiet, however, he continued to contact her via text messages.

But the disgraced model was caught out when he was arrested for a separate but similar matter at his home in Royal Oak Court, Upper Moreheay, Ripley, in Derbyshire, and police discovered the messages on his mobile phone.

Now, Barnes has been locked-up for 12 months after he admitted sexual activity with a child at Newcastle Crown Court.

The court heard Barnes and two friends met-up with the girl when he travelled to Newcastle for a clothing line promotion on July 31 last year.

The group had met at Monument Metro Station before walking to the Castle Keep, in the city, where Barnes and the victim started kissing.

Mehron Nassiri, prosecuting, said: “They then decided to play hide-and-seek and the defendant teamed-up with the complainant.

“The complainant and the defendant left together and began kissing. They went down some stairs and there was a fence and another set of stairs and they went to a place where no one could see them.

“The defendant asked if she was interested in having sex. She said ‘no, I don’t want to’. The defendant then said ‘stop being gay, why you being like that?’

“The complainant was sitting and the defendant was standing up. She says there was a silence for a while. The complainant then stood-up and said ‘The reason why, is because you’re older than me.’ However, the complainant doesn’t know if she said it loud enough for him to hear.”

The court heard Barnes then grabbed the girl and turned her round and the pair had sex.

Afterwards, Barnes and the victim found his other two friends and the girl went home.

But, Mr Nassiri said, she was too frightened to tell anyone of what had happened and, it wasn’t until police in Derbyshire contacted her family that the offence came to light.

Mr Nassiri said: “On August 28 2014, police attended the defendant’s residence in Derbyshire and arrested him on suspicion of inciting a young girl to take part in sexual activity. They also seized his phone and they discovered the correspondence between the complainant and the defendant.”

Although no further action was taken on the other alleged offence, Barnes was arrested in relation to the sexual activity with the complainant.

He was initially charged with rape, which he denied, but later admitted the lesser offence of engaging in sexual activity with a child.

Locking him up for 12 months, Recorder Eric Elliott QC said: “You should have been responsible and realised it was wholly inappropriate for you to have the type of contact you had.

“One of the aggravating elements is that you ought to have realised the package of the age disparity, your career as a male model and drinking and buying food, must have seemed to her so attractive that she wanted to continue with the situation and you should have said to her that it was wholly inappropriate and you should have stopped the meeting.”

A family friend of the victim said the whole ordeal had left her devastated and they were disgusted with Barnes’s ‘lenient’ prison sentence,

Speaking after the case he said: “The sentence is an absolute disgrace and one the family will try and appeal.

“It had a devastating impact on them and it’s taken a long time for the girl to get over. I hope, now he’s been exposed, that people are aware and he doesn’t put another family through what they have been through.”

Barnes was also ordered to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register for 10 years and was made subject of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order.