November 2015

Teenage child rapist avoids prison


A teenager who subjected a five-year-old girl to an horrific rape attack has escaped a prison sentence in a ruling branded ‘pathetic’ by the victim’s family

17-year-old Dylan Lees was yesterday (6/11/15) sentenced to just 2 years probation for the horrific attack which took place during December 2014

The court heard that Lees was 16 when he raped the child.

The child, who was in severe pain after the ordeal, told her mother who in turn informed the police.

Almost one year on, the young victim continues to suffer from flashbacks as a result of the attack.

The mother of the child said: ‘This whole thing has ripped our family apart – when I heard the sentence being handed down, I felt sick,’ she said.

‘The trauma has been unbearable. My daughter is a different girl now and will have to live with this forever.

‘It is unacceptable that Leicester Crown court – the very place that my girl was relying on to help get her justice, has failed her so outrageously’

At the hearing on 14th September, 2015 at Leicester Crown Court Dylan Lees pleaded guilty to the rape of a child aged under 13-years-old.

The court heard that the victim and the offender were both playing on a Playstation console in his bedroom when he told her, she had to do what he said as it was the password for the game they were playing.

Lee’s started kissing the victim and took her clothes off. He then proceeded to rape her anally. 

After the attack, he told her that it was their secret and she must not tell anyone.

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Here is the victim impact statement used in court

We have changed the victim’ name to “EMILY” to protect her identity.

Do not be confused by Dylans appearance, we have already had comments on Facebook asking if he has any mental disabilities and the answer is simply no, he does however suffer from dyslexia, a common learning difficulty that can cause problems with reading, writing and spelling.

My daughter was sexually assaulted on the 7th December.

That night our world completely changed.

At first I didn’t want to believe my daughter and hoped it was a dreadful mistake.

The next day my daughter was interviewed by the Police and also had a medical exam.

I did not see and still have not seen the interview but I was present during the medical exam. It was horrendous, my daughter was internally examined and had her genitals and anus examined with a speculum and swabs taken, the images of examination were on the TV screen in the room as it was happening.

EMILY was desperately upset, holding my hand and screaming and begging for it to stop, I was crying, distraught with what was happening.

The examination lasted about 30 minutes. Later that evening the investigating Detective contacted me and told me that Dylan Lees haD admitted to what EMILY had alleged.

I physically collapsed to the floor, so shocked I was at what had happened. I immediately began to have feelings of guilt that I had allowed my daughter to go the house and play and somehow I had not done enough as a mother to prevent what had happened.

The relationship that we as a family have with Dylan’s family has completely broken down.

Our relationship had been really good. Up until this incident we had been trying to move from Barwell to the road where Dylan LEES lives to be closer to my husbands’ family, and had just been offered a council house just a few doors away.

We had to pull out as the attitude from the family that Dylan needed all the support with no mention of how must be feeling just really upset me and made me really angry.

Despite Dylan Lees admitting what he had done I feel that the family still refuse to accept what had happened to EMILY.

Since then all ties with the family have been cut.

Up until then my husband had visited their family most days of the week and our children would often visit and stay, he no longer sees his parents and my children no longer see their grandparents – this has massively affected my young son.

The incident has had an effect on EMILY. She has become very withdrawn and has undergone counselling sessions.

At Christmas 2014 EMILY asked me to cancel Santa coming and said, “I am scared that he will come upstairs and put his Willy inside me”.

At school she was getting changed for PE and another little girl in her class pointed at her pants (that had hearts on them) and said something completely normal to her. EMILY freaked out at this and took ages to calm down.

EMILY has become hyper sensitive to any nakedness, she used to bathe with her brothers but no longer and I no longer get to bath her or have anything to do with her personal care.

She began to suffer from nightmares after the incident and also started wetting the bed. This had not happened since she was out of nappies and is completely out of character.

She used to love school but her attendance dipped a little.

Barwell Infants have been really good I think that EMILY has dealt with the incident really well, I am concerned that she will revisit this trauma later in life. We also took the decision as a family to change our surname.

There was no significance of the name we chose. This decision was made as a family because I couldn’t bare the thought of our surname being shared and associated with Dylan Lees and also the massive fallout and lack of support from my husband’s family just mean that I couldn’t emotionally deal with the connection.

This was a big decision as the children (certainly EMILY) had grown up with the surname and suddenly had to change and also explain or at least face questions from friends about why her surname has changed.

My health has declined since the incident.

I am heavily pregnant and the stress of this incident has been immense.

There is not a day goes by that I have not thought about this incident. There was a period of time when I would not leave the house. It has made me incredibly stressed and anxious.

The waiting for the court case and hearing that Dylan Lees pleaded Not Guilty was devastating thinking that EMILY could be put through a court trial.

My husband has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and is now on anti-depressants. He no longer has any meaningful relationship with his family.

Our relationship suffered hugely as a result of this and at one point I feared that we would separate. My young son has completely changed in character.

He used to be an absolute angel and now has real behavioural problems.

Since the incident he has turned really angry.

He does not understand why he does not see his grandparents or cousins.

He blames us for not seeing them. He now hates Dylan’ grandmother and is starting to physically lash out at people.

This behaviour is really worrying. I don’t know where this behaviour is from but I imagine that he picked up on a lot of the real stress and upset that has been going on around the house since the incident.

Since the incident happened we have been told to “get over it” by Lees’ grandfather, I have had pictures of myself and partner put all over facebook exclaiming that i am a “fat bitch” – Dylan’s uncle calso confronted me in Asda, calling me SCUM. I have even been told im not right in the head & recieved death threats.

Lees’ entire family have stood by him from start to finish, even replacing his technology the day after police confiscated it to be forensically examined.

According to the family none of this is Dylans fault, he was simply pressured into losing his virginity by his friends.