September 2015

Leader of Satan’s Slaves biker gang jailed exposed as child rapist


A MOTHER has told how she was sexually abused as a child by a leader of the Satan’s Slaves biker gang.

Betty was just six years old when her paedophile cousin George Ritchie first indecently assaulted her while wearing his leather uniform.

Two other girls were also abused by the sick biker, whose gang terrorised the east of Scotland

Ritchie, who proudly posed for photos in his Satan’s Slaves leathers while performing a Nazi salute, repeatedly molested Betty over a six-year period – often while baby-sitting her.

He blackmailed her into silence. But nearly four decades later, she finally found the courage to report his crimes.

Ritchie is now behind bars after being jailed for eight years last week.

Recalling her ordeal, mum-of-two Betty, 44, from Burntisland in Fife, said: “When I was about six, I’d go to visit my aunt and my cousin George would be there.

“He started by picking me up inappropriately. Then he started telling me to do things which I didn’t understand … but he was my 18-year-old big cousin and I was scared of him.

“He was a Satan’s Slaves biker for many, many years and would turn up on his bike and in all his leathers – and at 6ft-plus it just added to the overall image of how terrifying he was.

“I later learned his biker’s nickname was Pussy, and it just gave me chills down my spine.

“My parents worked, so sometimes he would be there to look after me when I came home from school.

“He even moved in with us for a short while. It was then he stepped up his abuse.

“I’d feel sick to my stomach with nerves and dread knowing I’d have to go home from school and he would be there waiting for me.

“Then, when I was seven, he tried to rape me.

“Days later, he woke me up early in the morning and showed me an envelope. He said he had written down all the bad stuff I’d done and told me to do what I was told or he would give it to my dad.

“I knew he meant the abuse and things he had been doing
to me.

“My dad was very strict and I didn’t want him to be disappointed or angry, so I’d do what I was told like a little doll but all the time I’d be shaking like a leaf with fear.”

The abuse continued even after Ritchie got married.

Betty said: “George would wake me up early in the morning and, without saying a word, he would take me off into another room to abuse me.

“Even although he was married, he still continued. He would agree to baby-sit me so he could wake me up and abuse me while his wife was asleep or had nipped out to the shops.

“Then he would wave this envelope about and the constant threat of shame would scare me out of telling anyone.”

When she was 12, Betty found the courage to stand up to her abuser.

She recalled: “One day, he wanted me to touch him. I’d never sworn in my life but told him to f*** off – and I never saw him again until I was 44.”

The sex beast was finally brought to justice after Betty reported him in March this year.

She said: “I hid his secret – and it affected my confidence, even my marriage – until one day I walked into Dunfermline police station and told them everything.

“It wasn’t long before other victims came forward.

“I went to court to see him plead guilty. Just seeing him brought me back to being that 12-year-old girl but I knew I needed justice.”

At the High Court in Edinburgh, Ritchie, now 56, admitted indecency offences, including attempted rape, against Betty and two other girls.

He started to target his other victims when they were eight and nine.

One of them told how she cried uncontrollably after being abused and developed a bed-wetting problem.

Lord Boyd of Duncansby said the abuse involved “significant planning”. He sentenced Ritchie to eight years in jail and placed him on the sex offenders’ register.

Ritchie, formerly of Glenrothes, committed the crimes in the Fife town, Burntisland and Dunfermline between 1977 and 1982.

In 1999, he was jailed for nine months after he was convicted of indecently assaulting a 15-year-old boy.

September 2015

Child molester jailed for eight years

A sex predator who told his child victims he would tell on them to their fathers if they didn’t do as he wished has been jailed for eight years.

George Ritchie (56) was sentenced at the High Court in Edinburgh after abusing three young girls and trying to rape one child when she was seven.

He showed victims an envelope and told them it contained a letter, threatening to pass it to their father if they didn’t do as he asked.

The court heard that Ritchie carried out sex acts on one girl and told her: “If you smile I know you like it.”

Judge Lord Boyd of Duncansby told the child molester : “Between 1977 and 1982 you sexually abused three young females.

“The youngest was six when you started and the eldest 12 when the abuse came to an end.”

He said the offences had involved “significant planning” and although they were over 30 years old, said he would have jailed Ritchie for 11 years if he was convicted after trial.

Ritchie, of no fixed abode, admitted three indecency offences against the girls and attempting to rape one of them.

Formerly of Glenrothes, he committed the sex crimes in Glenrothes, Burntisland and Dunfermline.

He was jailed for nine months in 1999 after indecent assault on a 15-year-old boy.

The earlier offences came to light when one of his victims went to Dunfermline Police Station in March this year and said she had been the victim of historical sexual abuse.

After statements were taken from victims, police went to a house in Dunfermline and detained Ritchie.

The court was told one abused child was left crying uncontrollably and recalled being so frightened that she started to wet the bed, believing that as long as she cried Ritchie would leave her alone.

The paedophile told one victim that if she revealed the abuse he would tell her father that she had been smoking.

Ritchie showed another girl a pornographic magazine and pictures of naked women, leaving her scared.

She was also molested but, when she was 11 or 12, he threatened to show her dad the letter if she did not comply.

She refused and told him that she would tell her father what had been going on.

Defence solicitor advocate Gordon Martin said that after Ritchie’s release from his previous prison sentence he had voluntarily sought help and had not re-offended

He added his client’s regret and remorse were genuine.

Ritchie was also placed on the sex offenders’ register.