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October 2015

Pensioner jailed for raping nine-year-old girl in West Lothian


A child rapist who wrote an account of sexual abuse mirroring his exploitation of a victim has been jailed for more than 10 years.

Hugh Mitchell’s wife handed in his “fictionalised” story to police before he was due to stand trial for sex crimes in West Lothian.

Former soldier Mitchell, 65, pleaded guilty to raping a nine-year-old girl.

He also admitted a further seven charges of indecency involving a total of five underage girls.

A judge told him at the High Court in Edinburgh: “You were repeatedly committing serious sexual crimes against young children over many years.”

John Beckett QC said: “You deployed inducement, manipulation and threats to inflict your grossly depraved conduct on innocent children.”

The judge said statements provided by the victims made “harrowing reading” and added: “In different ways you have traumatised all of your victims.”

He jailed Mitchell, formerly from Kirknewton, for a total of 10 years and 10 months and ordered he be under supervision for a further three years.

First offender Mitchell was also placed on the sex offenders’ register for life.

The judge said that he took account of Mitchell’s long Army service, his age, health problems and lack of previous offending.

Mitchell abused children at Almondell Country Park, East Calder, and at Bubbles Leisure Pool in Livingston, all in the West Lothian area.

Mitchell, a former classroom assistant at a West Lothian school, began preying on children in 1988 and continued up to 2004.

Defence solicitor advocate Mike Bell said: “I am instructed simply to say it is accepted this indictment involves a quite dreadful catalogue of abuse for which there can be no mitigation.”

The court heard that Mitchell’s wife had handed in an envelope containing his self-penned book in September this year. She had come across it about 10 years ago.

September 2015

Paedophile found guilty of abusing young girls wrote book about child rape


A FORMER soldier who abused young girls in swimming costumes and took nude photographs of one them – even recording his own soundtrack to pornographic videos – told one of his victims what he planned to do to her.

Hugh Mitchell, 65, cornered one schoolgirl in a bedroom and abused her while he played porn tapes.

The retired soldier, who worked as a classroom assistant in a West Lothian school after leaving the army, groped and raped girls aged as young as five across a period of 16 years, the High Court in Livingston heard.

Mitchell even penned a depraved story telling how one of his victims had been taught how to make love by a character named “Mitch” during a holiday to Scotland.

In the warped fictional account, he used similar locations to the places he’d abused his victims – including Bubbles Leisure Pool in Livingston, West Lothian and the nearby Almondell Country Park.

His storybook included a scene in which an under-age girl was raped in a swimming pool changing cubicle, the court was told.

Advocate depute Alan Cameron said the book, entitled Holiday, had been handed in to police by the accused’s wife two weeks ago. She said she’d found it ten years ago but refused to give a statement to police.

He said: “This story was written as though it was by the complainer and describes her summer holiday to ‘Mitch’s’ house.

“It describes graphically sexual encounters, including intercourse, which appear to be fantasy, based loosely on fact in that the incidents took place in a swimming pool changing room, in the car and at home – all places visited by the accused with the complainer.”

Mr Cameron said Mitchell started abusing the first of his victims at his home when she was just five. The abuse continued until she told her parents when she was 14.

Later, Mitchell offered the girl money to let him abuse her. If she refused he would shout at her, telling her she would bring shame on her family.

He also told her if she didn’t do what he wanted he would have to see her sister.

Mitchell pleaded guilty yesterday to seven counts of lewd, indecent and libidinous practices and one charge of rape.

He admitted groping and sexually assaulting five girls, including two sets of sisters, when they were aged between five and 15.

The abuse began in September 1988 and continued until April 2004.

Mr Cameron said the sisters, now in their 30s said the accused had “ruined” their lives.

Mitchell, who was placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register, will be sentenced on October 22.