September 2015

Paedophile who abused boy ‘rewarded victim with gifts and money to buy silence’

Frank Walkington

A SERIAL sex offender who repeatedly abused a boy over a long period of time has been jailed for 14 years.

Frank Walkington, 60, of Rosemary Avenue, Grimsby, admitted three offences of indecently assaulting a boy.

He denied four other offences, including one of indecently assaulting him and three of committing serious sexual offences against him, but was convicted by a jury after a trial at Grimsby Crown Court.

Judge Mark Bury told the court that the offending happened at a time when Walkington “had a hold over his victim” and that the offences involved a “degree of planning”.

The abuse had “catastrophic consequences” upon the boy.

Judge Bury told Walkington that he tried in court to “minimise” what he had done but that the jury “saw through you”.

Walkington will have to register as a sex offender for life.

After the hearing, a police spokeswoman said the offences spanned a period of about eight years, beginning when the victim was young.

“A report was made to police retrospectively, the victim only feeling able to report matters after the passage of time,” she said.

“The victim’s account told how his abuser would reward him with gifts and money to ‘buy’ his silence.”

Detective Constable Neil Haigh, the officer in the case, said: “I would like to thank the victim for his bravery in coming forward in this case.

“He has conducted himself with dignity throughout the investigation and trial as the details of some very personal and difficult experiences were heard.

“I am happy with the sentence passed down to Frank Walkington. It reflects the severity of his offending and demonstrates our commitment as an organisation to investigate thoroughly such offences.

“We would encourage anyone who is a victim of sexual abuse to report matters to us.

“We have specially trained officers who will take their accounts seriously, offering assurance and support throughout the course of any investigation.”