September 2015

Pervert spared jail after admitting to being a ‘stupid, horrible, nasty person’

A pervert caught with dozens of horrific pictures of children on his computer told police he was a “stupid, horrible, nasty person”, a court heard.

Christopher Hunt, 34, was spared jail on Monday after admitting three counts of possessing indecent images.

Judge Andrew Hamilton said Hunt had shown remorse for his “appalling” actions.

Prosecutor Harold Ewing told Nottingham Crown Court that police had seized Hunt’s computer hard drive and a Sony netbook after raiding his home on May 20 last year.

Hunt, of Forest Road, Clipstone Village, Mansfield, admitted his crimes in an interview.

Mr Ewing said: “He spoke in terms of his own disgust and desire not to involve himself in this sort of behaviour.

“He described them as ‘stupid, horrible, nasty people, like me’. He had been using software to access and view images on his computers.

“He had been searching for such images and there were a variety of search terms showing an interest in this type of photograph on his devices.”

In total, there were 18 images classed as category A – the most serious – 11 in category B and 29 in category C.

Philip Bown, in mitigation, said: “Unlike the majority of men who find themselves in this position, he has been candid. He has been wanting to do something about his problem for many a long year.”

The judge warned Hunt he had been lucky not to be jailed. He said: “You have been entirely frank with the police about what you have done.

“You were frank from the very first opportunity. You very sensibly said it’s something done by ‘dirty-minded people like me’. You accept what you did was wrong. It’s wrong because it’s appalling.

“Children shouldn’t be abused and other people shouldn’t gain satisfaction by watching their abuse recorded.”

Hunt was handed a three-year community order, and a five-year sexual harm prevention order, which bans him from having certain contact with children under 16. He must also sign the sex offenders’ register for five years.