September 2015

Man jailed for sexual abuse which blighted the lives of two young girls

The court was told that KEVIN Greene was a hard-working man of “exemplary good character”.

But he is now starting a three-year jail term after a dark secret he carried for several decades finally caught up with him.

Greene, aged 51, of Pier Close, Portishead, admitted sexually abusing two children when he was a young man.

When they finally had the courage to confront him he initially played it down as “silly” activity.

But Bristol Crown Court heard from one of his victims, who said the abuse had “ruined me emotionally, physically and financially”.

Greene pleaded guilty to two indecent assaults and a charge of indecency with a child relating to one complainant.

He pleaded guilty to one indecent assault and three indecencies with a child relating to a second girl.

Judge Michael Roach stressed his sentencing was governed by guidelines appropriate to the era of Greene’s offences.

He told Greene: “Your behaviour has blighted their lives.

“It has not just blighted their lives but the lives of their immediate families.

“No-one could think, after hearing the victim impact statement of one, that the impact was slight.

“It was obviously an extensive one.”

Greene was handed 16 months’ prison relating to the first complainant plus a further 20 months for the second.

He was ordered to register as a sex offender for life.

James Tucker, prosecuting, said Greene asked a 12-year-old girl to touch his private parts and accepted giving her money to do so.

The court heard he made the same request to a second girl, and asked her to carry out a sex act on him which she did because she was scared. 

Mr Tucker read a victim impact statement from one of the complainants in which she wrote: “I thought this wasn’t right.

“I started to feel dirty. I rubbed my body with a nailbrush until it bled, abused alcohol and developed an obsessive compulsive disorder with cleaning. It made me feel clean and in control.”

The woman said counselling she had received disrupted her work and her partner had also taken time off to be with her.

She said: “He (Greene) has ruined me emotionally, physically and financially.

“I don’t hate him. I just hate him for what he has done to my life.”

Tabitha Macfarlane, defending, said her client had attended court prepared and was not under any false impressions on what the outcome would be.

She said Greene’s father was extremely violent to both him his mother, telling the judge: “There was no love.”

Miss Macfarlane said: “Since he has led an exemplary life. His work ethic is second to none. He is a very popular and likeable person.”

Greene’s mother described him as a “very good person”, the court heard.

Greene himself wrote a letter saying he was very sorry for what occurred and his remorse was without question.

He said he had behaved totally out of character and wished that he could turn the clock back.