June 2017

Convicted sex offender finally admits to torturing and abusing a young boy

Ian Stanley-Gonsalves

A convicted sex offender has finally admitted torturing and abusing a young boy.

Ian Stanley-Gonsalves has now been jailed for 12 years after committing an ‘appalling catalogue of cruelty.’

His young victim was regularly beaten by the 41-year-old and made to eat shower gel as well as his own faeces during a horrifying two-year campaign of abuse.

He also suffered a fractured skull after Stanley-Gonsalves threw him down a hill.

Stanley-Gonsalves was considered to be too mentally ill to enter pleas to charges of causing grevious bodily harm with intent, actual bodily harm and child cruelty, when he appeared in court in 2015.

Sentencing was adjourned to try and find the mentally ill defendant a hospital bed.

However, Stanley-Gonsalves has now been ruled mentally fit to enter pleas and he admitted all the offences when he appeared at Hull Crown Courton Friday.

The court heard the abuse started in 2009 when Stanley-Gonsalves grabbed the boy by his genitals, hit him with a baseball bat and punched him in the face.

However, his violence soon turned to sadistic torture as he made the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, eat his own faeces and swallow a bottle of Lynx shower gel.

In 2010, the abuse carried on with Stanley-Gonsalves continuing to beat his young victim with a baseball bat before pushing him down the hill in an incident which caused the boy to fracture his skull.

Scared about the repercussions, the victim struggled to speak up about the abuse but eventually plucked up the courage to tell a relative when he said to her: “I want to tell you something, but I daren’t.”

This led to Stanley-Gonsalves’ arrest where it became apparent that he had also beaten and abused three other children.

In 2003, Stanley-Gonsalves was convicted of robbery, false imprisonment, assault causing actual bodily harm and indecent assault of a minor.

He was sentenced to eight years in prison and placed on the sex offenders register.

Judge Simon Jack expressed concern that Stanley-Gonsalves was allowed to get so close to a child when he should have still been in prison or on licence.

Judge Jack said: “He was a thoroughly vulnerable child and you systematically abused him over a long period of time and when I say abuse, I mean physical abuse, cruelty, forcing him to eat his own faeces, swallow shower gel and assaulting him routinely.

“You left with him bruises that he had to lie away for fear of getting further punishment from you.

“It was an appalling catalogue of violence and abuse for the most part committed against vulnerable children.”

Stanley-Gonsalves was jailed for 12 years but he will serve a further five years on licence.


October 2015

‘Vile and sadistic’ child torturer beat 8-year-old boy & forced him to eat his own faeces

A MAN who tortured a young boy and fractured his skull by throwing him down a hill has been described as “vile and sadistic” by detectives.

Ian Stanley-Gonsalves, 40, caused internal bleeding in the youngster’s head when he picked him up and threw him by his ankles while out walking in Hull.

He also punched him in the face, beat his legs with a baseball bat and forced him to eat his own faeces.

There were gasps of relief from the public gallery when the jury delivered its verdict after an hour and 45 minutes of deliberations.

Outside court, Detective Constable Victoria Sutton, who led the investigation, said it was one of the most difficult cases she had dealt with.

She said: “He is a vile and sadistic, horrible man.

“I think he must get enjoyment from it, from the control he had over him and the fact he could threaten him and instil fear to get him to do what he wanted.

“What person in their right mind would force a child to eat his own faeces?”

The boy, who was just eight when his skull was fractured, was initially too frightened to report the abuse, which left “bruises all over his body”.

He was able to explain them away to adults – including his teachers – by saying he “fell over”.

Stanley-Gonsalves was eventually arrested after the boy confided in a relative, telling her: “I want to tell you something, but I daren’t.”

Stanley-Gonsalves was not fit to enter a plea to a charge of causing grievous bodily harm with intent, and was excused attendance at his four-day trial at Hull Crown Court.

He did not attend an earlier trial in February, when another jury found he committed seven acts of either violence, child cruelty or affray.

That jury could not decide whether he did the act that fractured the boy’s skull, which led to the retrial on that single allegation.

Stanley-Gonsalves will be brought to court to learn his fate at a hearing in November after being assessed by psychiatrists.

He had told police the allegations against him were “a load of b******t”.

The boy, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was twice brave enough to give evidence against his tormentor in court over a video link.

He had suffered nightmares as the second trial approached.

Asked by prosecutor David Gordon what he was hit with, the boy said: “His fists or sometimes his baseball bat.”

“And which bits of your body?” Mr Gordon asked.

The boy replied: “My face. When he had his baseball bat it was only my legs.

“If he punched, it would be my face.”

He said he was hit with the bat “loads”, and asked to describe the weapon, he said: “It was just like rock, you know.”

After being picked up and thrown by Stanley-Gonsalves on a dark winter’s night, the boy said he “conked out”, meaning he lost consciousness.

Asked what was the very next thing he remembered, he said: “Hull Royal.”