November 2011

Ex-squaddie filmed child rape

James Knowles, Grantham

A GRANTHAM paedophile who filmed himself in the act of raping a young girl has been thrown in jail indefinitely in order to protect the public from his evil urges.

James Knowles was ordered to serve a minimum of seven years before he can even be considered for parole.

Judge Michael Heath told Knowles “It is absolutely clear that you are dangerous.

“This was a quite dreadful case. It was appalling.

“If you are released it will only be when the parole board considers you are no longer a danger to members of the public.”

Knowles, 26, formerly of Albert Street, Grantham, admitted

  • Two charges of child rape

  • Attempted rape involving the child

  • Five charges of sexual assault

  • Five charges of taking indecent photographs

  • Two charges of making indecent photographs

  • One charge of distribution of indecent photographs of children

  • Three charges of possession of more than 13,500 indecent photographs of children.

The offences took place between August 2009 and July this year.

Andrew Scott, prosecuting, told Lincoln Crown Court that Knowles, a former soldier who had served in Afghanistan, was caught red-handed when he was disturbed whilst in the act of abusing the girl.

Police were called and after Knowles was arrested officers seized computer equipment from his home.

Investigations carried out on a computer belonging to the predatory monster revealed film of him abusing the child as well as dozens of indecent photographs of her.

Other indecent photographs of children were found on the computer, together with thousands of abhorrent images of children.

Later Knowles confessed during interviews and admitted he was sexually attracted to young girls.

Mr Scott said: “He couldn’t explain why he did it. He said he was pleased he had finally been caught.”