October 2015

Dad kicked young daughter in the head when she tried to stop him attacking her mum


A vicious dad who battered his little girl and her mum in a horrific attack at their home has been jailed for six years.

Christopher Potts, 26, attacked his partner with an ornament and glasses, inflicting multiple wounds to her head and body.

When the couple’s six-year-old daughter tried to stop her father beating her mum, Potts kicked the little girl in the head

Potts, from Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside, pleaded guilty to section 18 wounding against his former partner and actual bodily harm against the child.

The attack took place at a property in Newton-le-Willows on July 3.

Merseyside Police is now encouraging victims of domestic violence and abuse to seek proper help before it is too late.

Speaking after today’s sentencing at Liverpool Crown Court, DC Colette Robinson urged people living with domestic violence to use the Victim Care Merseyside service.

She said: “Potts subjected his former partner to a brutal and sustained assault, which included the use of an ornament and glasses, that left her with multiple injuries to her head, face, torso, legs and arm.

“Not only did the victim’s six-year-old daughter witness her mother being attacked, she was also kicked by Potts to the head herself when she tried to intervene to protect her.

“This incident has had a profound effect on both the mother and her daughter, both physically and psychologically.

“No one should ever have to suffer in silence, or feel that they are alone. There is a great deal of professional advice and support out there for people in unhappy, unhealthy, confrontational relationships and these are available free of charge.

“Whether you are a man or a woman, you should not have to suffer or endure verbal or physical abuse from a partner or relative. Victim Care Merseyside can tell you when to get the right kind of support for you and I would urge anyone experiencing these kind of issues not to suffer in silence but instead speak out”