October 2015

Man jailed for 21 years for sexual abuse of young girls 

David Brown was sentenced to 21 years in prison

A 74-year-old man from Sheffield has today been locked away for 21 years for the sexual abuse he made two girls repeatedly endure in the 1970s and 1980s.

David Brown, of Scott Road, Pitsmoor was sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court today, after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing to a vast number of child sexual offences including:

  1. Child rape

  2. Indecency with a child

  3. Indecent assault on a child

  4. Cruelty to a person under 16

The victims, now adult women, came forward in May 2013 to report their abuse and a police investigation began.

One of the victims, who is granted by law, lifetime anonymity as a victim of a sexual offence and must not be identified, said in her Victim Impact Statement: “Brown has left us with the legacy of a life sentence of “invisible scars” that we carry on the inside.

“I doubt that I will ever fully heal from the trauma of my childhood but I will spend the rest of my life trying to do so.

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank DC Helen Barrett and assisting members of the Sheffield Child Abuse Investigation Team for the sensitivity that they have shown whilst investigating this case.

“They listened and believed us, which meant so much and gave us the courage to carry on to the end and we are so grateful the Team is there to deal with victims such as us, as without their commitment and dedication, justice would not be done and perpetrators such as Brown would continue to abuse and go unpunished.”