October 2015

Paedophile who watched children from his flat jailed after downloading child abuse images


A paedophile who downloaded indecent images of children so graphic experienced officers required counselling after viewing it has been sentenced to two years and eight months in prison.

Nicholas John Kelly, 41, of Sefton Road, Stevenage appeared at Cambridge Crown Court on Thursday (October 15) for sentencing.

He plead guilty to nine counts of making indecent images of children and three counts of making indecent movies of youngsters.

Prosecutor Maryam Syed told the court during a search of Kelly’s flat on October 23 last year more than 5000 images and nearly 400 movies of child sex abuse was discovered by the police.

A large volume of this material is classed as category A, the most graphic kind, which involves penetrative sexual activity and sadism.

She added: “This is the worst case I have seen, certainly the worst case the officers have seen, a number of officers required counselling after seeing the moving images.”

Miss Syed said babies and children under the age of four were featured in Kelly’s abuse collection as well as a number of older children.

Kelly was arrested at 7.10am on the day his home was searched.

In initial interviews with the police he replied no comment to all questions but later said “I might as well come clean”.

He admitted he downloaded the images and told officers he had continued to view the material after he had been bailed.

Kelly, who was previously of good character, told police “I was sexually frustrated, I used it for masturbation”.

He added “I would never got to a park and snatch a kid or anything”, although he did admit he watched children from his home.

Miss Syed asked judge Anthony Bate to take into account the age of the children, their vulnerability, the clear distress being caused by the molestation, the defendants breach of bail conditions and the high volume of moving images when sentencing Kelly.

Passing the sentence judge Bate told Kelly he gave him full credit for cooperating with the police but added: “You pose a high risk of serious harm to children.”

In addition to the prison sentence, the judge ordered Kelly’s mobile phone, laptop and digital portable devices to be destroyed.