September 2016

Paedophile offended again … after getting job at family tourist attraction


A convicted paedophile ended up being given a job at one of North Wales’ most popular family tourist attractions.

Jamie Campbell had been given four years in jail in 2010 and was registered as a sex offender.

But when he was released he managed to get a job as a supervisor at Llandudno Pier.

He there met a girl of 13, who he sent social media message to asking if she could keep a secret, asking her if she wanted to see a “naughty” picture.

He had also tried to get a photograph of another youngster’s backside, and sent her an image of his groin.

At Llandudno magistrates court yesterday, prosecutor James Neary said: “Police have seized all devices capable of accessing the internet from his home, including his mobile phone, and they will be scrutinised.

“The investigation is now at its early stages.”

Campbell, 31, of Pen Lan, Towyn, was remanded in custody until sentencing next month after pleading guilty to two counts of persuading young girls to put his details on their phones and send sexual messages on Snapchat.

Defence solicitor Richard Williams said :”Mr Campbell is realistic about his position.” There was no application for bail.

Campbell was jailed in 2010 after admitting sexual activity with a child when working at an amusement arcade.

He was caught after a teacher at the girl’s school noticed she was upset and the girl revealed the relationship with Campbell.

The judge in the case said Campbell had “taken the opportunity to seduce that young girl and vent your sexual appetite upon her.”

February 2010

Jail for sex offender


A GIRL of 13 who was distressed at school had disclosed that she had a sexual relationship with a 23-year-old man after being seduced by him, a judge heard.

Jamie Campbell, of Pen Lan, Towyn, an amusement arcade worker, was jailed for four years and must register as a sex offender.

He admitted sexual activity with a child.

Judge John Rogers QC told him: “You took the opportunity to seduce that young girl and vented your sexual appetite upon her.”

Mold Crown Court heard the relationship was discovered after a teacher noticed the victim was upset at school