November 2015

Brothers jailed for string of child sex abuse offences


TWO Hampshire brothers are today behind bars after being jailed for child sex abuse forty years ago.

David Elkins molested girls as young as four, while Anthony Elkins was sentenced for an attack which started decades of trauma.

Victims told Winchester Crown Court how the abuse in the 1960s and 70s had torn apart the victims lives, with some attempting suicide and suffering addiction, mental illness and self-harm.

David Elkins, of Battery Hill, Winchester, was jailed for 14 years for attacks against three girls.

The former bus driver, 60, groomed one victim for several years, taking pornographic photographs and “buying her silence” with sweets and money, the judge said.

Anthony Elkins, 69, of St Catherine’s Road, Winchester, was given two years in jail for sexually assaulting her between the ages of 13 and 14.

That was the first time the girl was abused before years of attacks by David Elkins, the court heard.

She made allegations against six Elkins brothers. Three were acquitted while another died before the trial.

The case came to a dramatic halt when Anthony Elkins suffered a panic attack in the dock.

He was carried out by five security guards and treated by paramedics on the floor.

The case resumed after nearly an hour, with Elkins watching from the press bench.

David Reid, mitigating, pleaded for leniency on the basis of Elkins’ poor health and “good character” since the incident.

Elkins, a steward at Winchester City Football Club, is “hard-working” and cares for his sick wife, Mr Reid added.

The court heard David Elkins was in his mid-20s during one attack, when he pinned down and attacked a schoolgirl as a brother guarded the door.

Putting the pair behind bars, Judge Susan Evans QC described the “life-changing” impact of the abuse.

She described one as “cruel and brutal” and said in another David Elkins showed “elements of cruelty” as he verbally and physically abused one of the girls.

She said: “You may have put your offending behind you. Your victims, unsurprisingly, will not have been able to do the same.”

Both will be put on the Sex Offender Register, serving half their sentences before being released on licence.

The sentences were limited to those issued under legal guidelines at the time of the offences.

They are two of 15 Elkins siblings.

Michael Elkins was acquitted of sexually assaulting his brothers’ victim as an adult, Richard and Derek Elkins were acquitted of abusing an underage girl midway through the trial while another, Stewart Elkins, died in August.

October 2015

Brothers convicted of sexually abusing young girls

Two Hampshire brothers are today facing lengthy prison sentences after being convicted of sexually abusing young girls.

David Elkins, 60, was found guilty of targeting girls as young as four during eight years of attacks mostly dating to the 1970s.

Anthony Elkins, a 69-year-old steward at Winchester City Football Club, was convicted of indecently assaulting a girl aged between nine and 16 over a similar period.

David Elkins, of Battery Hill, , broke down in tears as the jury convicted him on 13 counts after 32 hours of deliberation.

He abused three underage girls, including one between the ages of four and eight and another between six and 10, the jury found.

Between 1969 and 1975, Elkins took pictures of a third girl in sexual positions and attacked her after offering sweets and chocolate, prosecutors said. His victims cannot be named for legal reasons.

At the start of the trial five brothers were in the dock but two were cleared of sex attacks on a young girl midway through the proceedings because prosecutors were unable to prove the age of the alleged victim, crucial to the charges.

A fifth brother was acquitted on Friday of sexually assaulting one of the alleged victims as an adult. 

Jurors found David Elkins not guilty of attempted rape and could not reach verdicts on two indecent assault charges. The judge said he would “almost certainly” face an immediate prison sentence.

Anthony Elkins, of St Catherine’s Road, Winchester, attacked a girl between 1968 and 1975. The woman made allegations against all five brothers in the trial as well as a sixth, Stewart Elkins, who was also charged but died in August.

The public gallery was closed for the verdict.

On several occasions more than 20 people were in the gallery, including friends of the alleged victims, while around 10 relatives accompanied the brothers in court every day during deliberation.

The judge offered jurors a secure room to stay in until guards confirmed those in the public gallery had left the building. They were also offered escort by security to their cars and public transport.

David Elkins was remanded in custody while Anthony Elkins was conditionally bailed. Both will be sentenced on November 20.