October 2015

Jailed sex offender has become a ‘figure of hate’

A 65-year-old alcoholic who gave vulnerable girls cash for drink so he could take pictures of their private parts has been sent to jail.

Melvyn Vaughan has become a “figure of hate” since the offences came to light, his barrister Jonathan Stanniland told Worcester Crown Court. He has had filth thrown at him, he has been subjected to abuse and the tyres of his mobility scooter have been slashed.

The former roofer and scaffolder will also struggle in jail because he has to keep drinking for medical purposes, Mr Stanniland said.

“If he stops drinking now he will immediately require medical intervention to keep him alive because his body has got so used to the huge quantities he has been consuming,” Mr Stanniland said. He said Vaughan was probably now in the last year or two of his life.

He pleaded guilty to six sex offences including inciting the girls into pornography and possessing extreme porn pictures involving a woman in her twenties and his own dog.

Phillip Bradley, prosecuting, said Vaughan had been a well-known figure in an area ofLeominster near a park known as the Grange, which he would visit on his mobility scooter.

He was also known to take vulnerable girls back to his home in Ridgemoor Road and ask for items of their underwear in exchange for giving them alcohol. He had been warned by police in March 2014.

Two months later, two girls aged 15 and 16 went to his home at night with their boyfriends to get money to buy drink, Mr Bradley said.

Vaughan locked the boyfriends out and when the girls were inside, he said he would give them £20 if they let him take pictures of their naked private parts, which they did.

But one of the girls got upset and there was an argument outside. One of the boys punched Vaughan and there was a disturbance.

Police searched his home and found the pictures on an Olympus digital camera. They also found a memory card dating back to 2012 with pornographic images of two drug addict women in their twenties, one of them with the defendant’s dog.

Phillip Bradley, prosecuting, said Vaughan told police the girls kept asking him for money so he “thought he might as well get something out of it” for sexual gratification.

The court heard Vaughan had 31 previous convictions dating back to 1964 but none for sexual offences.

Judge Michael Cullum said Vaughan, who entered court on a mobility scooter, suffered from heart, kidney and other health problems partly due to alcoholism and prison would be more difficult for him than someone of even average health but there was no other option.

He was jailed for a total of two years and given a sexual harm prevention order for ten years