December 2015

Child rapist jailed for 10 years over ‘heinous crimes’

Paul White - Crieff

A child rapist was jailed for 10 years on Wednesday after a judge condemned his “heinous crimes”.

Paul White abused three girls during swimming excursions and subjected two of his child victims to rape.

One of the children was raped in a changing cubicle at a leisure centre in Perth.

A judge told White, 54, at the High Court in Edinburgh: “All three were in your company in the context of swimming or related leisure activity.”

Kenneth Maciver QC told the rapist that he had been in a position which “you cruelly abused when you committed these heinous crimes”.

The judge said it was recognised that the emotional and psychological effects of such crimes were “both significant and enduring”.

“A lengthy custodial sentence is both necessary and appropriate for such serious sexual sexual offending,” he said.

The judge said that in the circumstances of the case he could not impose an extended sentence – involving a prison sentence and further supervision.

He said this was because of “a legal lacuna” which he said should be dealt with to allow the imposition of such sentences for historic sexual offending.

He told White: “You have been convicted of the rape of two children – one of seven or under and the other of 10 or under.”

White, formerly of Rintoul Avenue, Crieff, Perthshire, had earlier denied indecency offences and rape charges during his trial.

He was found guilty of indecency towards a girl aged between four and six between 1987 and 1990 at Perth Leisure Centre and Crieff Hydro Hotel Complex. He molested her in the swimming pool and tried to get into a cubicle while she was dressing.

He was also convicted of indecency towards another girl, aged six or seven, between 1990 and 1992 at Perth Leisure Centre and during a car trip. White also took the girl to a wooded area at Kinoull Hill, Perth, and raped her.

White was further convicted of raping a girl aged between nine and 10 at a changing cubicle at Perth Leisure Centre between 1997 and 1999.

White had denied the offences and when defence solicitor advocate Iain Paterson asked him if there was any truth in the allegations he replied: “No, none whatsoever.”

During the trial jurors were sent home early at one stage after White failed to turn up and a warrant was issued for his arrest. He was found to have attempted suicide.

The judge told the jury that he had been arrested in circumstances which gave him concern about his state of mind and he was assessed by a medical professional.

Mr Paterson told the court today that there was no suggestion of a mental health disposal in White’s case.

He said White had “a history of self-harm” and added the court was dealing with a middle-aged man with no previous convictions.

White was earlier placed on the sex offenders’ register.

October 2015

Man raped young girls in swimming pool cubicle and at beauty spot

A man who raped two young girls and sexually abused another in a 12-year campaign of terror has been found guilty of all charges by a jury.

Paul White, 54, of Crieff, preyed on the children between August 1987 and April 1999 at various locations in Perthshire.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard how some of White’s attacks took place in the cubicles of local swimming pools.

One of his victims was aged just four years old when he repeatedly molested her between August 1987 and August 1990.

The second victim was aged between six and seven years old when he sexually assaulted her in changing cubicles at Perth Leisure Centre and Crieff Hydro Hotel between August 1990 and March 1992.

White also sexually assaulted the girl at other locations in Perthshire and raped her between August 1990 and March 1992 at Kinoull Hill.

He also raped a third girl, who was aged between nine and ten, in a changing cubicle in Perth Leisure Centre on an occasion between April 1997 and April 1999.

The court heard that White played games of “sharks” in the pool with his victims before carrying out the attacks.

However, White tried to evade justice. During his nine-day trial, White, of Crieff, was on bail but did not turn up for proceedings last Thursday.

It was revealed that this was because he had repeatedly attempted suicide and was arrested by police during one of his bids when they arrived to detain him in connection with his non-appearance at court.

Following his conviction, prosecution lawyer Steven Borthwick told the court one of the victims had spoken to police many years ago.

He said: “She was medically examined and a statement was taken from her. However, the case couldn’t proceed due to a lack of evidence.”

White was finally brought to justice after the other victims, who cannot be named for legal reasons, plucked up enough courage to speak to the police.

A trial took place at Edinburgh’s High Court and White was found guilty of two rape and three sexual assault charges by a jury on Tuesday.

When defence solicitor advocate Iain Paterson asked White if there were any truth to the allegations, he replied: “No. None whatsoever.”

Problems arose during the trial on Thursday when White failed to appear at court. The jury were sent home and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

He was traced by police officers and appeared from custody on Tuesday to hear the verdict.

Temporary judge Kenneth Maciver remanded White in custody and placed him on the sex offenders register and deferred sentence to obtain reports about his character. He will be sentenced on November 17.