October 2015

Pervert caught with child abuse images

A PAEDOPHILE caught with more than 2,000 sickening images of children uploaded a picture album labelled “cuties” to the internet, a court heard.

Neil Chester, 35, admitted two counts of making indecent images of children, three counts of possessing indecent images of children and one count of distributing indecent images of children.

Craig Lowe, prosecuting at Hull Crown Court yesterday, said: “Police were provided with information. Certain enquiries were made.

“Officers turned up at the defendant’s address and a number of electrical equipment was seized.”

Mr Lowe said forensic analysis of the equipment recovered a total of 2,329 images and nine videos, all of an indecent nature and relating to children.

Of those, 139 were described as falling within Category A, the most serious, while 321 were Category B and 1,878 were Category C.

“In relation to the distribution charge, he was asked if he had uploaded an album called ‘Cuties’,” said Mr Lowe. “He could not remember doing this.”

Chester, of Airlie Street, west Hull, also admitted possession of cannabis, producing cannabis, and illegally abstracting electricity.

Mr Lowe said: “Along with the electrical equipment, officers also seized a very small amount of herbal cannabis – 1.2g to be exact.

“This defendant was also found to have bypassed the electricity meter, resulting in an estimated loss of £755 to British Gas.

“During a search of the property, nine cannabis plants were found in a tent. Eight were alive.

“The estimated street value of the drugs is in the region of £2,000.”

Mr Lowe said analysis of Chester’s laptop revealed he had searched the internet for indecent images of children.

Chester admitted all of the offences when interviewed by police.

“He told officers that he first came across this material after a pop-up appeared on his computer,” said Mr Lowe. “It triggered his curiosity, although he could not explain why when asked.”

Patricia Doherty, mitigating, said her client’s “biggest regret” was responding to the pop-up messages.

Judge Mark Bury jailed Chester for nine months, but he was released yesterday due to the amount of time he had spent on remand.

Chester must also signed the sex offenders register