October 2015

Paedophile secretly filmed rape of young girl and sexual assault of three-year-old


A child rapist who secretly filmed his abuse of children and a woman has been jailed for ten years.

Keith Ferguson from Aberdeen was caught with pictures of sex acts he had committed himself along with a collection of child abuse images from the internet.

Police detained the 44-year-old after intelligence was received from the National Online Child Abuse Prevention Agency.

On Wednesday, judge Lord Malcolm told Ferguson at the High Court in Edinburgh: “It is clear you present a serious risk of sexual harm to children.

“Given the nature and gravity of your offending I am of the view that only a substantial period of imprisonment would be appropriate and in your case on your release special protective measures will be necessary.”

The judge ordered that Ferguson be under supervision for a further ten years and told him that if he breached the terms of his licence or offended again during that time he could be returned to jail for the present offences.

Lord Malcolm said: “You will now be provided with various programmes which are designed to address the risk which you pose to children.

Ferguson earlier admitted sexually assaulting and raping a girl aged between three and five, sexually assaulting another three-year-old and sexually assaulting a sleeping woman.

He also pled guilty to engaging in sexual activity in the presence of children and making and possessing indecent photos of children between June 2010 and June 2015.

The court earlier heard that when police raided his home in Aberdeen on June 3 armed with a search warrant and a large number of electronic devices were seized.

Advocate depute Stephen McCloy said a number of the indecent images recovered had been made by Ferguson and featured his victims.

Others appeared to have been downloaded from the internet.

He said a total of 1552 indecent photos were found, including 78 showing the worst examples of abuse.

A further 233 videos with a running time of more than six hours were found, including 103 at the most serious level.

Footage which appeared to have been taken with a hidden camera showed a child with no trousers or pants on and had been name tagged by Ferguson.

During an examination of a laptop, police found picture files which appeared to have been again taken by a hidden camera of an 11-year-old girl which contained images of her naked as she changed.

She was also seen sleeping while Ferguson carried out a sex act on himself.

Further footage was found of Ferguson molesting his young victim during which he photographed her and carried out sex acts.

Ferguson, a prisoner in Grampian jail, claimed that he had been searching for “normal films” when images of child abuse came up during an interview.

He said he had used code words to find images of child abuse and used a mobile phone to record his abuse of one vulnerable girl.

The prosecutor said: “He indicated that he wanted to be punished for things that he had done, but wouldn’t own up to things that he didn’t remember doing.”

Defence counsel Ronnie Renucci said: “He accepts there is no excuse and no justification whatsoever for his behaviour.”