October 2015

Pervert jailed over indecent of images of children stash

A former schoolteacher has been jailed over his stash of indecent images of strangers after a court heard how he filmed up the skirts of young girls and created his own filthy images.

Steven Braisby was sentenced to nine months in custody at Nottingham Crown Court on Friday, October 30.

The 36-year-old pleaded guilty to making indecent photos of children, between January 1, 2010, and March, 14, 2014, and possessing prohibited images of children on March 10.

As a result of his secret life, he lost his successful career in a further education college and his wife left him.

Recorder Nigel Godsmark said it was evident Braisby had an obsession with young girls and his photos showed their brutalisation.

“You have evidently been filming up the skirts of girls in what appears to be an education establishment and compiling your own pictures of young girls ,” he said.

“It’s alarming you work in an educational establishment.”

Braisby, of Wesley Street, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, had 260 indecent photos of children, 13 additionally that were prohibited and four videos.

He had 10,000 images of children and 2,000 of adults, all in school uniforms, but none of those pictures were indecent.

Braisby’s password to all his computers was “uniforms” and he was said to have an interest in shirts and ties – not children.

Police spoke to him in 2013 after activity from his computer flagged up his activities on websites.

Computers seized revealed their graphic content in images and videos and the extent of graphic chatroom conversations with other paedophiles.

“The Crown would say this is a man throughout the course of these chats with like minded people, paedophiles, and he has expressed what he would like to do with children,” said Simon Eckersley, prosecuting.

On many occasions he indicated he was interested in girls aged five, six or seven years, and claimed in one online conversation he used to teach five- year-old girls.

There was no evidence he was taking photos of children on his phone and distributing images but was accessing images provided by others.

One picture seized was of a Nottingham girl who had been abused by another man in 2002 which, said Mr Eckersley stressed, illustrated there were real and local victims.

Justin Atkinson, in mitigation, said his client, who will be subject to a sexual harm prevention order on his release, had no previous convictions and was a man who recognised he has problems and real issues.

“He is someone who is seeking help and someone who is determined to rehabilitate himself.”

He said Braisby had been living alone in the martial home after his wife left with the children.