November 2015

Pervert jailed over disgusting child abuse images

Neil Amess has been jailed after he was found with more than 13,000 images and videos of child porn on his computer – some of which he shared online with other paedophiles.

The 63-year-old, from Clifton, started looking at the indecent images – which ranged from cartoons to the most serious types of abuse – after his second marriage broke down.

Yesterday, Nottingham Crown Court was told that as well as having the images on his hard drive, he was part of sharing networks to swap them online with other perverts.

Jailing him for three-and-a-half years, Judge Andrew Hamilton said Amess had been downloading the images for ten to 15 years

He said: “They are all serious; one was of a two-year-old. There are photos of children that have often been abused. It is quite disgusting.”

Police visited Amess’s home in Haworth Court after they received a tip-off on September 25 last year.

They had been told that an iPad user had been downloading indecent images of children through peer-to-peer sharing networks/folders.

They searched his home on February 26 and took away his computer equipment. A total of 13,920 indecent images and videos of children were found – which ranged in seriousness.

Prosecutor Dawn Pritchard told the hearing: “Inquiries were made with the service provider, Virgin, which led the police to this defendant as the user of the iPad.”

She said there was only one image of a girl – the rest were all of boys aged four to 16.

Amess was arrested and initially denied the offences but later pleaded guilty to taking an indecent photo, making indecent photos, making a pseudo-indecent photo and possessing indecent photographs.

The court heard Amess had attempted to take his own life while on police bail. He tried to poison himself with car exhaust fumes, but two people saw him and pulled him from the vehicle.

For Amess, Matthew Smith told the court that his second marriage had broken down – and from “time to time” he would view the images.

“He knows he is in a serious position,” Mr Smith said.

“He has been concerned about his behaviour for a significant period of time. He has been downloading and viewing what he accepts are thoroughly appalling and disturbing images and he accepts he has got a problem.

“He became disgusted with himself and stopped viewing them. He stands in front of your honour thoroughly ashamed of what he’s done. He hangs his head in shame. He has lost his family.”

Amess had no previous convictions.

He was also ordered to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register for life and will be monitored on his release on a sexual harm prevention order.