November 2015

Man jailed for sexually abusing two eight year old children


An Accrington man described as a “closet sexual offender” has been sentenced to 12 years in prison.

40 year old Darren Hollis, of Chesnut Grove, appeared at Burnley Combined Court after being charged with offences against a boy and girl who were just eight years old at the time.

He faced the following charges:

– Two charges of raping the boy

– Two charges of attempting to rape the boy

– Four charges of trying to engage the boy in sexual activity.

– Three charges of indecently assaulting the girl.

– One charge of attempting indecent assault with the girl.

The victims’ families wept as the details were read out

The victims’ families wept in court as details of Darren Hollis’ 12 charges were read out.

At sentencing, Judge Warman said Hollis was “like a father to the children who stayed in his care.” She added, “You may have loved them, but it was a perverted love.”

The Judge continued, “When he was trusted to care for the youngsters, what he did was a gross misconduct of trust.”

After being released from prison the 40 year old will be on license indefinitely on a sexual harm and prevention order.