November 2015

Pervert abused 10-year-old girl for four years

A paedophile who gave a Madonna poster to his victim as a reward for sex acts was jailed for six years yesterday.

Jobless Kevin Wright’s abuse lasted for four years and began when the girl was only ten, Nottingham Crown Court heard. It took place in Long Eaton until 1992 and it took 20 years for the woman to contact police.

Officers traced Wright, 45, to London and arrested him. He admitted two counts of attempted rape and indecency with a child.

Mark Knowles, prosecuting, said Wright was around seven years older than the girl.

“She was able to say the offences came from around 1987 because of associating them with pop music at the time. He gave her a Madonna poster in return for oral sex.”

In a statement, the woman said she still suffered from flashbacks and that the abuse had harmed her relationship with other people, including her husband.

Judge Andrew Hamilton said: “There has been a horrendous effect on her when she recalls those awful years. That will never go away.”

Wright, described as living as a vagrant for many years, was put on the Sex Offenders’ Register for life and barred from ever contacting the woman.

In mitigation, David Taylor told the court: “He expresses his own horror for his actions at that time and he is now a very different person. He accepts full responsibility for his actions.

“He was an immature young man, clearly inexperienced and because of that he committed these offences.

“When he was 19, he describes his life as spiralling out of control, leaving him ‘sofa surfing’ and living as an itinerant.”