November 2015

Black Country man “addicted” to indecent photos of young boys

A PEDMORE man with an addiction to sick photos of young boys has admitted possessing more than 1,000 perverted pictures.

Twisted Thomas Leaman was arrested after his police raided his home home in Ham Lane following a tip off.

Despite allowing other perverts to view his collection, 28-year-old Leaman was allowed to keep his freedom by a judge at Wolverhampton Crown Court.

Judge John Wait told Leaman: “All the indecent images you were storing were of children being abused for profit by vile people who spread them around the internet.

“These children grow up knowing they have been seen by hundreds of thousands even millions of people which has a profound psychological effect, quite apart from the suffering they go through.

“You were participating in this appalling trade of torturing children and making these images available for others.”

Lehman admitted possessing indecent images of children and was given a three year community order and instructed to pay £530 costs.

He was further told he must attend the Sex Offenders Treatment Programme and warned by the judge if he fails to comply he could go to prison for 16 months.

The court was told Leaman, a man of previous good character, had file sharing software that kept the still and moving pornographic images in folders that could be accessed by other people.

Kevin Jones, prosecuting, said Leaman had also contacted  15-year-old boys through an internet chatroom and asked if they could send him indecent photographs.

Mr Jones said: “He made frank admissions and accepted he had been downloading the images using file sharing software.

“He also admitted an interest  in young boys but there was no evidence he was promoting the sharing of the images. He was making them available for others rather then being involved in active distribution.”

Mukhtar Ubhi, for Leaman, told the court it had been “addictive behaviour” at the time but Leaman was now taking determined steps to put his life back onto the rails.

He said Leaman was now in a stable relationship with a woman and she was giving him her full support because of the marked change in his behaviour